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King William Tea Party Meeting Dates - 7:00 PM - 2nd and 4th Thursday Jan - Oct --- Nov & Dec To be Determined. !!!
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Our meetings begin promptly at 7 PM
on the 2nd and 4th Thursday Jan - Oct with Nov & Dec To be Determined. !!!

* King William T.E.A. Party's Meetings & More

Happy 2015 as we work together to make things better at local, state and national levels.

You are cordially invited to experience the “New and Improved” King William T.E.A. Party.
Our meetings will be fast-paced and won’t last more than one hour. Get in, get it done, get home!


Help Wanted Ad
King William T.E.A. Party Needs Your Help.
We are looking for Citizens who wish to Preserve The country They were born in.
The job will ask for One hour of your Time per Week.
Bring your Talents, Interests and Concerns for the Future of our Country and
the K.W. TEA Party will have a place for you.

Pay - Have the Satisfaction of knowing Your efforts will make a Difference.

How To Apply - Come to our Meetings or Contact Us by E-mail At:

Or use Our "Contact Us" Link -
Contact Us


Know of a Topic or Speaker?

Pass it along to Us - We will see if we can make it Happen !

We are always looking for a Program of Interest?

How To Make It Happen? - Come to our Meetings or Contact Us by E-mail At:


Use Our "Contact Us" Link
Contact Us


Current Items Of Interest !!

* King William Tea Party Meeting:

Thursday May 28 - Time: 7:00 to 8:00 PM

Program - "Common Core"

KWTP's Education Committee will present an expose of "Common Core" the deeply flawed public
school curriculum being pushed by liberal elites.

Speakers include Celeste Busby and John Pettengill
dedicated advocates for children and education.

Highlights include:

1. What is "Common Core" and who is behind it.
2. Yes, Virginia does have "Common Core".
3. The reasons Virginia students are failing Math.
4. Revisionist History.
5. Q and A session.

Celeste Busby has been a child and quality education advocate for about 35 years. Prior to
Common Core, she worked for a special education agency, in another state, that covered eleven
counties and 27 school districts. She has worked with others in Virginia to research Common
Core--its origin and its effects at both the national level and in Virginia. She has also
written a series of articles about Common Core

John Pettengill is an active member of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee and Tea Party
groups serving the Richmond area. He is also an education activist, fighting for quality education
for all students, even volunteering at times as a math tutor. He retired from the Commonwealth of
Virginia after 30 years service during which time he was the project manager responsible for the
original computerization of the "legislative process" at the State Capitol He was also Technical
Advisor to the Governor's Office and the Executive and Administrative Agencies.

Free, open to the public and suitable for the whole family.

Meetings of KWTP are open to all citizens of good will.
Usually held on the second and fourth Thursdays each month.


The Upper King William Library
694-J Sharon Road - Central Garage
in the Sharon Office Park, mile past King William High School.
(Park around back because they close the front door at 8 PM)

* King William Tea Party Meetings:

* 7:00 to 8:00 PM Thursday - June 11th 2015

Topics will include local, state and national issues.

KWTP's fast paced and info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will.

Meeting Location:

Upper King William Library
694-J Sharon Road - Central Garage
In the Sharon Office Park after King William High School.

The Tidewater Review

Ran Two articles in which the King William Board of Supervisors were taking public comments and
discussing the costs and possible options for the future.

Read All About It.

Animal Shelter - King William board agrees to keep animal shelter

Click on Our Link

Animal Shelter
or go to:,0,1838406.story

Rural Land Costs - Click on Our Link

Rural Land Costs
or go to:

Rural Land Costs,0,836626.story


Wed Mar 12, 2014
The Tide Water Review reported in
an Article "A $0.22 Real Estate Tax
increase may be in the future of the
King William County Citizens."

Wed Apr 30, 2014
The Tide Water Review reported in an Article "A $0.03 Real Estate Tax
increase for the King William County Citizens."

Could the difference in outcome have been made by the
Citizen who made their views known at the Board of
Supervisors Meeting?


King William County School Board
2015-2016 Budget Preparation Calendar

To See the Tentative Calendar of Events' Meeting Dates and Agendas - Click on Our Link

Meeting Dates
or go to:


The Next Board of Supervisors Meeting for
Public Comment is June 22, 2015
(unless protocol is changed).

Want Things to Turn Around - Let Them Hear
Your Opinion.


To See the Board of Supervisor Meeting Dates and Agendas - Click on Our Link

Meeting Dates
or go to:


Date Jan. 7, 2015

The Country Courier:

Ad - King William County, Virginia

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the King William County Administrator will hold a public
meeting to receive citizen input on the proposed FY 15-16 Budget on January 20, 2015
at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Meeting Room at King William county Administration Building,
located at 180 Horse Landing Road, King William, VA.

All interested person are invited to attend.

Daniel M. Stuck
Interim County Administrator


To See the Summary of Public Comments from the County
Administrator’s Public Input Session or any other public notice.
Click on Our Link and follow Your Interest.

Public Notices
or go to:


This Year's Ad - Last Year's Ad

King William Tea Party Newspaper Informational Ad Ran - Mar 11, 2015

It's Budget Time Again - Read all about it !!

PS - It is Printable.

Click on Our Link

It's Budget Time Again - Informational Ad

New Ad


King William Tea Party
Newspaper Informational Ad Ran - Apr 16, 2014

Find out - What You Do Not Know - Read all about it !!

Click on Our Link

King William Tea Party Newspaper Informational Ad


Want a Copy of your King William
Property Identification Card?

A new round of real estate property assessments is scheduled to
begin soon. It will be helpful for all of us to have on hand the
data that King William has been using up till now to calculate
our property taxes.

So, when you get the new assessment, you'll have a quick and easy
way to compare the data to ensure your home, improvements and land
are being accurately presented. Particularly if there are errors or excessive
valuations that experience shows are all too common.

KW Tea party recommends you do this now because -- we're told -- old and
new property cards will not be
visible at the same time on the web.

Here is what you need to do to find a property card:

Click on Our Link :

Property Card

or go to:

Click on the "I Accept these terms" button and then follow instructions.


Tidewater Review Ad
and Joe Ordia's Website is

or Use Our Link

Preparedness Experts Group

The Preparedness Experts Group has a PDF file
where you can see in one place the areas of
your life you may wish to address. As they say
"An once of prevention can counter a lifetime of regret."

Use Our Link

Preparedness Suggestions - by Preparedness Experts Group

or Go To:


What happens if the Affordable Care Act fails and you discover you
may have to take care of your own Medical needs?

Alternative Health Care has been a part of our country since before its founding.
Today you can find a strategy to help you deal with just about any medical problem.

Medicines from the Earth and Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine are the gold standard
for this type of knowledge. Go to their Website, Check it Out and Then decide.

You can buy lectures or the Proceeding Lecture Notes in book form for each yearly Conference.

Use Our Link

Alternative Health Care

or Go To:


Mechanicsville Tea Party
New Meeting Location

8375 New Ashcake Rd. Mechanicsville VA 23116
(Intersection of New Ashcake and Cool Spring Rd.)

Click on Our Link
Mechanicsville Tea Party
or go to:


Older Items Of Interest !!

* 11/25/13

"No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy"

Barton: ObamaCare Website's Hidden Source Code Says "Users Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy"
This Video is about 5 minutes long.

Joe Barton is a good guy, a Texas Aggie, a Republican and a conservative.
Even democrats should be disgusted with what's going on with Obamacare. Watch this video and you'll
see what I mean. You might as well say bye bye to your privacy.

Click on Our Link

ObamaCare and Privacy
or go to: or go to:


* 6/19/13

61st Annual National Prayer Breakfast

Ben Carson Makes Obama Sit Through the Longest 27 Minutes Of His Presidency

Click on Our Link
Ben Carson or go to:


Other Items of Interest


State Legislators: Beware of Article V

Federal Constitutional Convention - What You Do Not Know !!

Introduction by Representative "The Honorable Mark D. Stubbs"
of ID State Legislature.

This video emphasizes the inability of state legislators to prevent a "runaway" federal constitutional
convention. Learn why state legislatures should not apply to Congress for an Article V convention of
the states based on evaluations of the con-con process by prominent constitutional scholars.

To See and Hear This Important Information - Click on Our Link

Article V
or go to:


Just When You Thought the Power of Eminent Domain Was Made Fair

Three natural gas pipelines proposed to pass through Virginia are being hailed as economic
boons, bringing thousands of jobs and luring manufacturers to the commonwealth.

Most every political leaders in the state, from Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe to
Republican House Speaker Bill Howell, praises the pipelines as the best way to reduce
energy costs and speed the closing of aging coal plants.

The federal Natural Gas Act, which controls the transportation and sale of natural gas,
gives private, for-profit companies the power of eminent domain when a property owner isn't
willing to sell. Unlike Virginia's constitution, federal law does not guarantee the right to
a jury trial in eminent domain cases, and it does not require companies to pay property owners
for lost profits.

In some courts, companies haven't been required to show that they negotiated in good faith
with the property owner before instituting condemnation proceedings. They've simply shown that
the two sides didn't agree on the land's worth.

Read All About It - Use Our Link

Eminent Domain

or Go To:


Pastor Dr. Tony Evans will talk about what happens when government replaces God.

If you still think that voting for the right person or party will fix the
problems in Washington, don’t miss this edition of The Alternative.
Dr. Tony Evans will talk about what happens when government replaces God, and
what it’ll take to get our country’s priorities in order again.

To See and Hear Pastor Dr. Tony Evans's Sermon - Click on Our Link

Government Replaces God
or go to:

* Aug 5, 2012

King William Residents Community Forum
A forum for King William residents to discuss county wide issues and become closer neighbors.
Become part of the solutions and discussions for our county. Your Voice brings Value.
You will need to Register to Log in.

Click on Our Link

Forum or go to:


* Register Positions on Federal Issues Easily! or go to
Register and you can vote a position on a bill, read other comments and send email letters electronically.
It will go to the senators or reps for your district. They may not always vote your way but you can make
a difference

King William Tea Party Encourages All Citizens to contact their Elected Representatives.

We have provided The Websites Below - Now it is Your Turn - Use Them

At a loss for Words to Say - Go to Our King William Letters Page.
Here - You will find over 30 letters written by people in King William. Find One you like and use it
to send a message to your Elected Representatives. This is the only way to tell them What You Think
and Want to happen.

Want to write Virginia's Governor and Share your thoughts?

Use Our Link
Virginia's Governor
or go to

King William is now represented in the State Senate by Republican Thomas Norment and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Senator Thomas Norment
or go to

King William’s State Delegate is Republican Chris Peace and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Delegate Chris Peace
or go to

King William’s US Congressman is Republican Rob Wittman (Our 1st District) and To Reach Him

Use Our Link
Congressman Rob Wittman
or go to

Our US Senators are both Democrats:

To Reach Senator Mark Warner
Use Our Link Senator Mark Warner
or go to

To Reach Senator Tim Kaine
Use Our Link Senator Tim Kaine
or go to


* KWTP in Local Newspapers

All of our local papers have been supportive by printing our meeting announcements, news releases,
letters to the editor, and often their own reporting on our events. While such coverage should not be
taken as an endorsement of KWTP's goals and objectives, it is an important community service that keeps
citizens informed. Please make it a point to email or call to say 'thanks!'

Country Courier
Tidewater Review


Next Meeting:

* 7:00 to 8:00 PM Thursday May 28, 2015

Items to be covered are Important local, state and national issues.

KWTP's fast paced and info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will. They begin promptly at 7 PM and you'll be
out by 8 PM.

Participation in the KING WILLIAM T.E.A. PARTY (Taxed Enough Already) are open to all citizens of good will. No signup, no dues,
no obligation. KWTP is an all-volunteer, grass-roots group of citizens who believe in honoring the US Constitution, limiting the
size and power of government at all levels, cutting spending, and reducing taxes. Find us on Facebook and

Short video clips and brief updates on local, state and national issues. Come early if possible and see another of the stirring and inspiring videos we've found. The Videos start at 6:45PM and The Meeting starts at 7:00PM - so come on in and have a seat anytime.

Welcome to the new King Willam County Virgina Tea Party Website

We want to keep the citizens of King William County informed of issues on a local, state and national level. 

The King William TEA Party is an independent political movement loosely aligned with other local, state and national TEA Parties.  We are a grass roots movement who take our name from a historical act of defiance against the King of England when Americans thought they were " Taxed Enough Already." 

We believe in a return to sound fiscal policy at the federal, state and county level. We believe in Federalism and the limits of federal power that our founders intended.

The King William Tea Party does not condone nor will it tolerate racism, sexism, or religious intolerance or bigotry in any form within the ranks of its membership or at any of its sanctioned events.  Such beliefs, attitudes, and activities are contrary to the basic rights of all humankind as outlined in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

Our goal is for this site to keep you informed of political events, news, and issues that are important to you, the citizens of King William County Virginia.

Our next Meeting is on May 28, 2015 at 7:00 pm at Upper King William Library 694-J Sharon Road - Central Garage
In the Sharon Office Park after King William High School.

Chairman --------- Robert Shannon
Vice Chairman -- Vacant
Treasurer --------- Fred Krauss
Secretary --------- Robert "Sarge" Bruce

E-mail us at:

Or use Our Contact Us Link

Contact Us

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