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Vet Heading in A New Direction
Contributed by Dorothy Wassenberg - Country Courier - 3/1/2023

At the last King William TEA Party meeting - The NEW CHAIRMAN, Scott Wassenberg called meeting to order on Feb 9 - 06:00 PM. He opened with a prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Scott introduced our speaker for the meeting and gave his credentials. Scott said, “The speaker would explained the plan that was used in Goochland to make positive changes and we could also follow the same course of action for our county”.

The group welcomed guest speaker, Ken Peterson who lives in Goochland County.

Ken told how he was able to lead the people of Goochland in "The Goochland Revolution". He told us about the corruption within the county and how 28 of 30 members of all departments were voted out and replaced due to corruption and lack of transparency. He then related how Goochland County received the AAA rating and still maintains that rating.

Today Goochland County is the most transparent of all counties in Virginia. Changes made to help transparency include, but not limited to, live streaming meetings and 10 town hall meetings per year with almost all elected/appointed officials attending. This has led to a good personal and working relationship between the school board and the board of supervisors.

The school system now has a very high on-time graduation rate since adding 17 trade related job routes for High School students. The most popular classes are JROTC and trade schools. Another opportunity – is the including of how to operate heavy equipment with the assistance of local businesses. As a result of these types of classes students upon graduation have received offers of employment for up to $80,000 per year.

Near the completion of his speech Ken asked if anyone had noticed there was no mention of race, creed, color, political party or religion. All the points he brought up were American ideals and they cut across all individual or political affiliation.

This is truly a "WE THE PEOPLE MOVEMENT" that requires involvement from all citizens of King William County.

At the next meeting Scott will discuss in more details “the Take Aways” from the Feb 9 meeting and it will be held at the King William library on February 23, 2023 at 6:00-7:30 p.m. Come join the movement.

In case you were unable to attend this most important meeting – this Letter is the minutes from Feb 9 meeting and are to inform all citizens of how we can work together to make positive changes in our county.
********************* End *********************
Vet Monday Apr 11 - King William County Board of Supervisors Work Session & Public Hearings on Budget, Tax Levies, Utility Fees
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Comments at the April 11th Work Session are limited to the topics being discussed for the Public Hearings on the FY '23 Proposed Budget, Proposed Tax Levies, and Utility Fee Increases. Members of the public are welcome to come forward and offer comment on each topic when the Board Chair opens each Hearing. You only need to sign up to speak if you are wishing to speak via Zoom. Use the "detailed instructions" link below which will take you to the form. You may also use that same link to submit a written comment if you are unable to attend the meeting.

Agenda details are available for download normally seven days prior to the day of the meeting.

For detailed instructions on registering for Zoom meetings, .

To view the live-stream, please register. You are required to sign in to Zoom with a valid email to register. You may choose to attend any or all meetings for the year.

Click the Link below to register to attend the live-stream of the Work Sessions via Zoom.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Please contact deputyclerk@kingwilliamcounty.us if you experience any problems trying to sign up or view the meeting.


"For More Info and to Register for the live-stream Zoom meeting Click the Link below"

or go to:


Our nation was founded by ordinary citizen activists desiring a government that was accountable to the people. Today, ordinary citizens across our nation are tired of the status quo and ready to engage for the betterment of their communities. American Majority’s political training addresses these passions by providing education and resources to help you meet your goals.

If you are running for local office, have ever thought about local running for office, are helping with a campaign or want to understand more about the political process, plan on attending this event. Learn what candidates need to do in order to win!

Please plan on joining us in a two-part session addressing the How’s and Why’s of running for a local elected office in King William so we can begin the work of taking back our schools and local governments from liberal ideologies and restore American values, integrity and proper management to our government offices.

We’ve been on the sidelines too long – let’s SERVE our community by stepping up where it really matters!

"For More Info and to Print the Flyer"
Click the Link

or go to:

This is why/how land use tax exemption hurts local school funding efforts compared to conservation easements

From the Piedmont environmental council, "Essentially, the lower the composite index the more State aid for education the county will receive.

For this formula, properties that locally benefit from land use taxation are reported to the State Department of Education at their true fair market value—not the reduced land use value. Since conservation easements permanently encumber property, they are reported at their decreased fair market value. Permanently conserved land contrib­utes to a lower composite index, providing more money for education."

To Read The Supporting Information"
Click the Links

Cost of Community Services
or go to:


Conservation Easements and Land Use Assessmen

Conservation Easements
or go to:

King William B.O.S Delivers a Lump of Coal for Taxpayers
Bob Shannon - King William T.E.A Party (Taxed Enough Already) - Dec 5, 2021 - Commentary

After Bob Ehrhart and Dave Hansen were voted out of office in 2019. The King William T.E.A Party warned citizens the transparency that would be lost with these two men now gone. It didn't take long and sure enough in August 2021, the current Board voted to increase your property taxes by some 7.5%. Did you hear much public discussion of this latest tax increase? I know I didn't. Was the public made aware they intended to " dip further into your pocket"?

The 5 members of this Board all voted for this, certainly we could have expected both Dave Hansen & Bob Ehrhart would have said NO to this tax increase. It isn't that it is just another couple of bucks in higher taxes on your car or truck, it is the relentless appetite these 5 members have for continuing the spending spree that began in 2019 and will continue unabated until citizens get off of their duffs and say.............enough.

Look at the expansion of both the Sheriff's department and the EMS services, 6 new deputies and 13 new F/T Fire & Rescue personnel. When the Grant money (that magic fairy dust money) runs out the BILL comes due.

To Read The Rest of the Article"
Click the Link

Lump of Coal
or go to:
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/12 5 21 King William .pdf

Actions Must Match Their Words
Bob Shannon - Dec 1, 2021 - Commentary

In the latest edition of the Country Courier 11/24/21 - The King William Republican Party ran a full-page ad that naturally caught my attention, particularly the "We Believe" portion that stated among these beliefs

"That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government." While conservatives welcome the sentiments expressed in this paid ad, we have a natural wariness as to their sincerity.....and for good reason.

Under new leadership this group has an opportunity to match their words with action, and the King William T.E.A Party (Taxed Enough Already) would certainly welcome the help. In the 14 years our group has toiled away at exposing local governments wasteful spending we have not had the King William Republicans lift a finger to assist this effort. Maybe this time is different. The last Chairman of this group said as recently as this year that the "local republican party's job isn't to cut spending but to get republicans elected"........ This is the baseball game mentality that has pulled the Republican credo far away from what the Republican Party stood for decades ago.

The Republican party stood for fiscal restraint and railed against wasteful spending...........not so much the last 50 years. Politics has become a game of musical Chairs, occasionally trading places in terms of occupying an office, the Dem's are in charge for awhile, then the Republicans get a turn at running things for a spell, then back to the Dem's, all the while government just kept getting bigger, encroaching into new areas of our lives with larger budgets and higher taxes regardless of circumstances, both parties played the game .

To Read The Rest of the Article"
Click the Link

or go to:
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/12 1 21 Actions.pdf.pdf

Vet KW Sheriff Walton to address local T.E.A. Party
King William, VA, June 18th, 2021 <

By Robert “Sarge” Bruce - King William Tea Party - 18 Jun 2021

The King William T.E.A. Party is pleased to announce that our Special Guest Speaker for Thursday, July 8th will be King William County Sheriff Jeff Walton.

Sheriff Walton's long service to the County is widely appreciated and we welcome the opportunity to learn of his Department's plans for our future.

Group Founder Bob Shannon has noted that since 2018 the budget for Walton’s department has grown by some 46% , while county population growth over the last ten years has been an anemic 1% annually.

“ It's hard to imagine that this budget growth rate is sustainable without significantly higher growth in the tax base, the population or much higher property taxes in the future,” Shannon said.

“$451,000 approved in May for Radio/Communication equipment is also concerning,” he noted. “In a county excluding West Point ( which has its own Law Enforcement/Fire Rescue) we only have around 15,000 citizens to spread this cost.“

King William T.E.A. Party welcomes any visitors who may have questions or concerns for Walton to attend on July 8th . The meetings are held at Ripley's Family Restaurant on Sharon Road and begin promptly at 6:30 pm

More information at www.kwteaparty.com and Facebook.

Attached photo: KW Sheriff Walton ( center ) and Deputies at a recent "Back the Blue" rally. Credit: Bob Ehrhart

********************* End *********************
There is a comprehensive study going on within our county.

This survey is well written and well thought out. You have an opportunity to provide feedback.

These meetings are being held on zoom and in person at Horselanding Rd.

They have a Facebook Page as well.

They want our feedback and they want our presence at these meetings.

This study along with the Berkley group study can be used to identify a positive path forward.

This is an opportunity to identify the
The missed opportunities for better jobs - The lack of infrastructure
The lack of county managment - Direction you want to see the county go in.
Protecting agriculture but also increasing the skilled jobs and job diversity here - keeping the younger residents here
and - Our economy

To Take the Survey"- Click on The Link:
or go to:

To Read The 2016 King William County Comprehensive Plan"- Click on The Link:

or go to
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/King William County Comprehensive Plan 11 21 16.pdf
No malfeasance, fraud found in King William Treasurer’s Office, inquest finds Citing Numerous Errors
By Em Holter - Tidewater Review - May 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM

A Richmond-based accounting firm announced its findings to the King William Board of Supervisors and School Board at Tuesday night’s joint meeting after completing a five-month financial inquiry report on monetary transactions between the treasurer’s office and school division. Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP representative Brian Burns said through the firms’ inquest, from fiscal years 2015 to 2020, it found 95 transactions between the county’s treasury department and the school division.

In the designated timeframe of the inquiry, it did not find any fraudulent transactions.

To Read The Rest of the Article"- Click on The Link:
No malfeasance
or go to:

The King William Republican Committee
2021 Candidate Roundup Some Pictures From the Event

Vet Vet Vet

Vet Vet Vet

Virginia Delegate Scott Wyatt sharpens focus on King William
By Robert “Sarge” Bruce, KWTP Secretary, RBRUCEPIX@aol.com King William, VA , 22 Apr 2021

Just before he was to speak at the latest meeting of the King William T.E.A Party, 97th District Delegate Scott Wyatt heard a detailed presentation from local property owners who had successfully led the fight to have the county's recent, deeply flawed real estate assessments tossed out.

This hot button subject resurfaced in the question and answer session to Wyatt's scheduled remarks as citizens expressed their frustration at county government and the firm that did the assessment, “having no accountability when they violated Virginia law in numerous ways.”

“We caught them again and again but none of the officials were held responsible,” one business property owner said.

In response, Wyatt, a Republican who represents King William and nearby counties in the General Assembly, agreed to host a meeting with officials and citizens impacted by the many problems associated with this latest assessment.

“Bring in the Commissioner of Revenue, County Administrator, Board of Appeals and Equalization to see how they deal with these issues,” he said.

Bob Shannon, KWTP's founder, emphasized the urgency of what is recognized as a statewide problem.

“Without the efforts of our group the assessment would not have been overturned,“ he said. “The problems would have been swept under the rug and citizens would have had to live with the unequal, arbitrary and excessive results. It shows what can be done when citizens engage"

Shannon also urged Wyatt to submit legislation to amend the Virginia Statute, “putting in enforceable consequences for violations of the rules for property assessments.”

King William T.E.A. Party's meetings, usually held on the second and fourth Thursdays at Ripley's Family Restaurant, are open to all citizens of good will. Details at www.kwteaparty.com
********** End release **********

April 22nd, 2021, Ripley's Family Restaurant, King William, Virginia
Delegate Scott Wyatt, a Republican who represents King William and nearby counties, fulfilled his promise for a return meeting to the King William T.E.A. Party, this time committing to push for reform of state law governing conduct of Real Estate Assessments. ( photo credit KWTP )

Click the Link to Go to his Website:
Delegate Scott Wyatt
or go to:


Vet King William Supervisors Throw Out 2021 Reassessment, Citing Numerous Errors
By Em Holter - Tidewater Review - Feb 11, 2021 at 5:19 PM

KING WILLIAM — The King William Board of Supervisors made several motions at a special meeting Wednesday night to take the necessary steps to throw out the 2021 property reassessment and start over after finding inconsistencies within the reported values and hearing from citizens.

First, the board unanimously voted to extend the assessment by 90 days in order to close any claims that the assessment is complete. Following the motion, the board unanimously voted to disband the Board of Equalization which had begun hearing appeals in October.

Lastly, the board initiated staff to begin advertising notice of the board’s intent to amend the ordinance to change the date of the assessment from Jan. 1, 2021, to 2023, — which will result in a public comment period.

As a result, the 2021 reassessment is invalidated and the data collected will not be used for the upcoming budget. Instead, the county will use the 2015 reassessment data to determine tax revenue for fiscal year 2022.

To Read The Rest of the Article"- Click on The Link:
or go to:

(As a side note - A Thank You to all the King William citizens whose hard work made this possible
and has been stated by some of those who were involved - the real work is just beginning)


Lieutenant Governor candidate lights a fire in snowy King William
By Robert “Sarge” Bruce, KWTP Secretary, RBRUCEPIX@aol.com King William, VA , 11 Feb 2021

Mrs. Winsome Sears, vying for the Republican Party nomination in the Lieutenant Governor race in Virginia, brought her campaign themes of dignity, equal opportunity, Second Amendment rights, lower taxes, entrepreneurship, and educational choice to event attendees inside and outside Ripley's Family Restaurant.

Braving a severe snowstorm on a round trip from her home community in Northern Virginia, the successful small business owner, United States Marine, former Delegate, and the first Republican to win a majority Black District since 1865 immediately found common ground with the audience.

“Like you, I am sick and tired of politicians forgetting who they work for,” Sears said. “For far too long, our elected leaders in Richmond have disregarded our shared values for leftist policies that increase the size of government while decreasing our freedoms.”

“Over 50 years ago, when I immigrated to America from Jamaica, I came as a young child with a vision of opportunity,” Sears said. “Consequently, my American Dream became a reality for me and this country has enabled me to do great things for my family, community, and county. From serving in the United States Marine Corps to the Virginia House of Delegates to building my own small business, I have been truly blessed by Virginia.”

“But opportunity and freedom are not the same as they were 50 years ago,” she noted. “For too long, our Commonwealth has suffered under the abuses of Democrat leadership. Governor Northam and Lt. Governor Fairfax have eroded our most precious rights at every possible turn by championing infanticide and assaulting our Second Amendment rights.

“Like so many other small business owners,” she continued, ”I’ve endured the unwarranted and unnecessarily aggressive shutdowns that have been sanctioned by this hypocritical administration. This assault on hardworking Virginians and our economy must end.”

In keeping with COVID restrictions, patrons inside were joined virtually by others in their cars in the parking lot for a live radio broadcast in the manner of a "drive-in church."

(King William T.E.A. Party – Taxed Enough Already – does not endorse specific political candidates, but makes it a point to invite and host speakers presenting a wide variety of positions. kwteaparty.com )

Winsome Sears makes a point in her presentation to the King William T.E.A. Party. “When I served in the House of Delegates, I wanted my constituents to know that whatever power I held derived from them. Therefore, I was to be their servant leader and only answerable to them.”

Click the Link to Go to her Website:
Winsome Sears For Lieutenant Governor
or go to:

$10 million Reimbursement Coming to Naperville School District 203 Taxpayers
By Rafael Guerrero - Naperville Sun - Jan 21, 2021 at 1:59 PM

A budget surplus resulting from schools being closed most of 2020 will lead to $10 million distributed back to Naperville School District 203 taxpayers.

This week, the school board authorized the creation of a tax reimbursement account. The $10 million surplus will be deposited into the fund for a one-time tax reimbursement and the refunds be mailed to recipients as checks.

To Read The Rest of the Article as Reported by "Chicago Tribune"- Click on The Link:
or go to:

February 2, 2021- Special Election in King William County

What’s on the Ballot:
Commissioner of the Revenue
Member of School Board 4th District

Click the Link For More Information
King William County
or go to:



Election Results
2020 Election:

‘To See the numbers’

Click the Links
or go to:


or go to:

Remove Division Superintendent Dr. David White from King William County Public Schools!

In recent events, King William County Public Schools division superintendent, Dr. David White, has shown his agenda to shove the Black Lives Matter mentality down the throats of our community. With a letter to our parents of King William County students, a resolution highlighting one race over another, and an under the table set up of a rally supporting those that burn our flags, kneel to the Pledge of Allegiance, and burn down cities and towns creating hate. With all of that said we need to ban together as a community to let Dr. David White know that we will not be divided. We will not tolerate such to go on in our community involving our schools, thus creating division amongst our students, our families and our staff!

To Read and Sign this Petition - Click on The Link:
or go to:
Below is a link & comment to a song reference by a supporter of the petition.

This song was recently shared/taught in our high school. It was brought to the attention of the principal AND the superintendent, with seemingly no concern. It’s definitely a politically charged/motivated song.
or go to:

MUST WATCH: Board of Supervisors Nov 5, 2020 - Special Called Meeting

The Nov 5, 2020 Board of Supervisors Special Called Meeting - Comments by the Board Chair Concerning Percentage Change Clarification. (Real Estate).

To Watch the Meeting - Click the Link

or go to:

Vet KW Real Estate Assessments Exposed !
King William, VA, November 12th 2020

Speaking Thursday evening to a gathering of King William T.E.A. Party supporters, local activists Fred Krauss and Ray Carter presented facts and figures challenging the conduct of the county's new real estate assessments and validity of the wildly inconsistent data used to grossly inflate the “value” of many properties while drastically lowering others.

Krauss, a previous member of King William's Board of Equalization who owns several properties, pointed to some homeowners being hit with increases of 40% or more while some of the county's biggest businesses got a big gift.

“The paper mill's assessment dropped by nearly $8 million and the kitty litter plant got a million dollar break,” he said.

Citing figures just released by the Commissioner of Revenue, Krauss said “this leaves a tax receipt deficit of more than $7.5 million that will have to be made up by regular homeowners and businesses.”

Carter, who recently retired in King William after his career in the US Army including extensive contract oversight experience, cited violations of contract requirements and Virginia law by Brightminds, the Roanoke-based assessment company.

“The County appears to not be holding Brightminds to contractual obligations and to the standards set forth in Virginia Code Title 58.1 regarding notification of assessment and providing written justifications as to property assessment increases,” he said. “Also, failure to provide printed documents afforded to property owners in accordance with the code.”

In discussion that followed, some attendees criticized conclusions by the Board of Supervisors in their November 5th special meeting, saying it looks like Brightminds is getting a pass. This leaves many residential and commercial property owners hit with unjustified assessments while at the same time having to pick up the bill for shoddy performance.

County taxpayers who would like to appeal their assessments face an uphill struggle, Krauss said. “The process seems intentionally difficult and the chances of success are small for most people.”

King William T.E.A. Party has additional information on the current Assessment process and how to appeal at www.kwteaparty.com and Facebook

Supporting Information Link:

or go to
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/11 15 20 Land Use 2021 Values 11_5_20.pdf
********** End Press Release ***************************************************************************************************************
King William interim treasurer updates supervisors on tax collection
of nearly 300 properties, audit on office

By Emily Holter - Tidewater Review - Dec 01, 2020 at 12:22 PM

According to the report, there are about 400 properties, including both personal property and real estate, dating back 30 years, with about $1.4 million in uncollected taxes.

The total includes delinquent penalties and interest on unpaid personal property and real estate taxes. Of the nearly 400 pieces of property, 295 include unpaid real estate.

To Read More Click the Link

or go to:

King William Board of Supervisors holds special meeting to discuss reassessment questions

By Emily Holter - Tidewater Review - Nov 10, 2020 at 12:36 PM

KING WILLIAM — As the 2021 reassessment notices filled King William County mailboxes and residents saw their property’s fair market values increase or decrease drastically, it left many, including the Board of Supervisors, asking questions.

During King William’s last reassessment cycle six years prior, it was collecting roughly 80% of the county’s total fair market value, though state codes call for collection on 100% of the value. Since the reassessment, folks are hesitant to accept the findings of Roanoke-based, state-accredited reassessment firm BrightMinds.

To Read More Click the Link

or go to:

Information on Real Estate Records You need to know.

Code Of Virginia - Title 58.1 Taxation - Chapter 32 - Real Property Tax
(Click the Below Links)

Property Appraisal Cards

Public Disclosure Of Certain Assessment Records

Vet MUST WATCH: Board of Supervisors Sep 28, 2020 Public Hearing

The September 28, 2020 Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting - Comments by the Board Chair Concerning The Commissioner of the Revenue's and Treasurer's Office and the Comments from Each of the Addressed Office's Representative (Sally Pearson and Harry Whitt).

To Watch the Meeting - Click the Link

Sep 28
or go to:

King William County Commissioner of the Revenue refuses to cooperate with audit, emails show

By Emily Holter - Tidewater Review - Sep 11, 2020 at 4:50 PM
Disclaimer - Ms Holter's report is from a news releases from Ms. Tassinari office.

KING WILLIAM — King William Commissioner of the Revenue Sally Pearson refused, on several occasions, to let auditors in her office Sept. 2, according to email correspondence between high-level county officials.

Pearson’s refusal to participate in the audit comes nearly six weeks after she declined to take part in the county’s reassessment process, one of the essential functions of her office. It was the reassessment, during which it was revealed that hundreds of properties weren’t being taxed, that prompted County Administrator Bobbie Tassinari to initiate the performance audit of Pearson’s office.

To Read More Click the Link

or go to:
King William Commissioner of Revenue’s Office audited, loses staffer amid property reassessment;
improper tax collection, poor bookkeeping, report shows

By Emily Holter - Tidewater Review - Sep 08, 2020 at 12:56 PM
Disclaimer - Ms Holter's report is from a news releases from Ms. Tassinari office.

KING WILLIAM — The King William Commissioner of Revenue’s Office is being audited and losing a staffer after refusing to take part in the county’s reassessment process, one of the essential functions of the office.

Without Commissioner of Revenue Sally Pearson’s involvement, the reassessment revealed that nearly 500 properties weren’t being taxed, some for as long as a decade. The reassessment is expected to increase the county’s tax revenue by more than 25%, a significant increase needed to fund other departments.

To Read More Click the Link

Commissioner of Revenue
or go to:

King William County Treasurer’s Office under internal Investigation;
improper tax collection, poor bookkeeping, report shows

By Emily Holter - Tidewater Review - Sep 08, 2020 at 12:46 PM
Disclaimer - Ms Holter's report is from a news releases from Ms. Tassinari office.

KING WILLIAM — A King William County financial inquiry into the Treasurer’s Office found nearly $2 million of uncollected real estate taxes, numerous bank accounts at multiple banks, and treasury employees handling taxpayer dollars without supervision.

The county launched the probe mid-June after several citizens came forward expressing concerns about unpaid taxes. Since then, the county has spent months scrutinizing the office’s practices and handling of funds.

To Read More Click the Link

or go to:
Vet Vet Vet KING WILLIAM -- DEFEND the Police Rally !

Was Held On - September 11, 2020 at 12 PM – 1 PM

Where - "Another Round or 2 Bar and Grill"

A Public Event - Hosted by Bob Ehrhart

Mike Rodriquez has allowed us to use his stage and microphone for this community event to show our support and solidarity for our law enforcement officers (LEO) walking that "Thin blue line"..

Please Only bring your "American Flag" or "Blue Lives Matter Flag" as we gather to pray, pledge allegiance and rally to support our country and LEO.

To Read More Click the Link

or go to:
Vet KING WILLIAM, VIRGINIA August 5th, 2020

King William T.E.A Party volunteers cleared away brush on Etna Mill Road in the northern part of the county so that motorists could get a better look at an important reminder for a recently elected member of the Board of Supervisors.

The group hopes the new sign message prompts the citizens of Supervisor Ed Moren's 5th District ( Mangohick ) to raise the question regarding his promise during last fall's campaign to lower taxes.

New real estate assessments are coming in a few months and it is expected that they will be 20-25% higher, prompting enormous tax bills for the already burdened homeowners in King William.

"VDOT encourages individuals and groups to do roadside cleanup," said Robert "Sarge" Bruce, KWTP Secretary, "so our group's civic-minded volunteers are ready and willing to step up and help."

KWTP celebrated its 11th Anniversary on August 13 with a meeting at Ripleys Family Restaurant.

For more information see kwteaparty.com and Facebook

********** End **********

King William introduces local business relief program, offering $325,000 in economic relief funds
By Emily Holter - Tidewater Review - Aug 03, 2020 at 5:11 PM

KING WILLIAM — With more than $300,000 of economic relief funds in place, help could be around the corner for local businesses in King William following county CARES Act allocations.

After receiving nearly $1.5 million in federal CARES Act funding, County Administrator Bobbie Tassinari and her team have worked to distribute funds before the end-of-year deadline.

To Read the Rest of the Article - Click the Link

Local Business Relief
or go to:

There’s been a yearlong food fight in King William County over less than a $100 meals tax bill
BY BILL LOHMANN Richmond Times-Dispatch Jul 24, 2020

There’s a food fight, of sorts, going on in King William County, and it’s gotten a little messy.

A county farmer, Christopher C. Couch, doesn’t believe the salads he packages and delivers to customers around the Richmond area should be subject to the county’s meal tax; county officials believe otherwise. Both sides have dug in their heels, believing they are in the right.

Beyond an unresolved dispute, thousands have been spent in legal fees in the year-long battle and hard feelings have emerged. Couch has used his farm’s website and social media to wage a public battle against the county, and he conducted a failed write-in campaign last November to unseat the county’s commissioner of revenue, Sally W. Pearson, who is responsible for administering the meals tax.

To Read the Rest of the Article - Click the Link

Food Fight
or go to:



“….land values remain level ?

When introducing her recommendations for the upcoming budget, King William County's Administrator noted that the new round of real estate assessments had residential values increasing some 20%, commercial values increase 5-10%, but “land values remain level.

Wait a minute ! Isn’t land a part of both ? Would the reason behind her illogical assertion be to continue giving very generous tax breaks to some of the county's wealthiest landowners while raising taxes on ordinary homeowners and businesses?

What data could the County Administrator be referencing that she based that statement on---and why would she SAY what is clearly not true ?

Key to this deception is the per acre values – $612 ( Forestry ) and $1500 ( Agriculture) – that are special reduced rates only for land in the Land Use Tax Exemption program. This obvious undervaluing can only be corrected/adjusted in the year that a new assessment is underway. And it just so happens to be this year when homeowners are going to get hit with much higher assessments.

In comparing actual King William County LAND Sales for the years 2015, & 2019, facts reveal an inconvenient truth. It should be obvious what drives county officials to continue to mislead citizens on something so vital to a county with a relatively small tax base, and the desire to shield their favored sons from higher taxes:


Our County Administrator owes the tax paying citizens of King William an E-X-P-L-A-N-A-T-I-O-N. How did she arrive at the assertion that LAND VALUES HAVE REMAINED LEVEL ? Equally important is for home owners and small business owners to understand the cynical tax burden shifting game being run on them by the Board of Supervisors.


Mr. Shannon,
Perhaps you’ve not had the chance to review or were not aware the revised draft budget proposal has been posted on the County website for some time now. I have attached it for your convenience and the URL is: https://kingwilliamcounty.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/FY21-Budget-Proposal.pdf. It is based on the County Administrator’s best projections given the circumstances we all face in these trying times. Of particular note:

or go to : http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/FY21 Budget Proposal 20200402.pdf

FY21 Budget KW County Website
or go to : https://kingwilliamcounty.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/FY21-Budget-Proposal.pdf

The revised FY2021 budget is projected off of the following scenario:
Calendar Year 2020 to be set by Board in April to remain at $0.86/$100
Calendar Year 2021, to be set by Board in April 2021, calculated at a $0.73/$100 rate. This lines up with the 1% increase per Virginia statute for the reassessment.
Fiscal Year 2021 budget is built off of two separate assessment rates and tax rates:
FY2021 real property will be due in December 2020 at the 2014 assessed rates at $0.86/$100.
FY2021 real property will be due in June 2021 at the 2020 assessed rate at $0.73/$100.

I hope you will use this new information to revise your letter to better address the positive efforts the BOS and our Administrator have been working on under truly unprecedented conditions.

Edwin Moren

Edwin H. Moren, Jr.
Supervisor, District 5 - Mangohick
King William Board of Supervisors


Addressees -- Despite KWTP's polite but persistent questioning since March 26th, our esteemed Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and several other county officials haven't bothered to respond.

However, they've finally gotten around to quietly posting the new instructions on the official website https://kingwilliamcounty.us/

Gosh, do you think they're hoping most concerned citizens won't notice?

At any rate, you can bet the "turnout" (virtual) will be more tax trough feeders and fewer advocates of cutting taxes and spending than it should be under established policies, procedures and statutory requirements:

Board of Supervisors Budget Public Hearing via Zoom - April 6, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
See below on how you can join and voice your public comments.

Topic: Board of Supervisors Public Hearing
Time: Apr 6, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 846 144 800

One tap mobile
+13126266799,,846144800# US (Chicago)
+19292056099,,846144800# US (New York)

Dial by your location

+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 253 215 8782 US
+1 301 715 8592 US
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 846 144 800

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/acfAVFYvJW

If you have any questions or would like to submit a public comment please email deputyclerk@kingwilliamcounty.us.
Had enough of the arrogance of government at all levels?
Get reliable information from the volunteer citizen WATCHDOGS at
Vet Mar 30, 2020 Update from - Senator Tommy Norment
Today the Governor issued Executive Order 55 which is a Temporary Stay at Home Order. The order may be read here. This order takes effect March 30 and is effective until June 10, 2020. It directs Virginians to remain in their place of residence executive as provided by Executive Order 53. Violation of this order is a Class 1 misdemeanor pursuant to §44-1.46.17 of the Code of Virginia. Per EO-55 individuals may leave there home for the following reasons:

Please click below for Mar 30, 2020 Update regarding the virus and For frequent updates you may visit the Virginia Department of Health website.

Click this Link
To To Read more - Use Our Link
Executive Order 55
or Go To:
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/03 30 20 Norment.pdf
An Update from - Senator Tommy Norment
As you are aware COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has spread throughout the United States and there is a significant number of cases in our region, specifically in James City County. While the true impact of how this pandemic will spread is unknown, there are actions that you can take to limit the spread in our community.
Please click below for a Fact Sheet regarding the virus and For frequent updates you may visit the Virginia Department of Health website.

For Fact Sheet:
Click this Link
Fact Sheet
or go to:

For King William:
Click this Link
King William
or go to:

The King William County Jan 21st Budget Work Session

This is the time for you to view the budget work sessions that lead to the finished Product called a King William County budget. Learn how it happens.

You can subscribe and follow other King William County Meeting videos on YouTube.

To Watch the Jan 21st Budget Work Session - Use Our Link
Budget Work Sessions
or Go To:

To Watch Any of the Uploaded Meetings - Use Our Link
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To get an Agenda Packet (Hand Out Info) for any of the meetings - Use Our Link
Agenda Packet
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The Consequences of Failure
written by Michael Giere December 4, 2019

It’s a new crowd of extremists whose bite will be worse than their bark.

The consequences of political inaction, lack of public outreach, and intellectual timidity always end poorly in politics.

For confirmation, look no further than the Commonwealth of Virginia, where the radical left upended more than two decades of feckless Republican legislative control. The left now owns the top three statewide offices, the House of Delegates and the Senate. (Also, several important county attorney seats were won by extreme-leftists selected and funded by George Soros’ political operations.)

The consequence is that Virginia is now only a month away from taking the first significant steps towards joining it’s corrupt, anti-life, anti-faith, anti-liberty, anti-business, and high tax northeastern neighbors like Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

To Read the Rest of the Article:
Click the Link

Consequences of Failure

or go to:

2019 November General - Unofficial Results
Virginia Department of Elections - Election Results - 2019 November General

To See the Election Results for Virginia Use our Links:

Election Results

or go to:


BoS Meetings are now on YouTube !

See for yourself the fireworks on August 26th:
To watch:
Click the Link


or go to:

KW Planning Commission approves solar farm

The King William Planning Commission voted 3-2 Tuesday night to approve the Chicago-based renewables company Invenergy’s request for a conditional-use permit to build a 77-megawatt solar facility on 1,262 acres in Manquin.

In order to build the facility, the company must meet federal, state and local ordinances.The county has several ordinances in place an applicant must meet if it wants to build a facility.

Following months of deliberation, the Planning Commission outlined 18 additional conditions focusing on stormwater drainage, inspection costs and deconstruction. the company has agreed to comply with all additional conditions, said Invenergy’s Development Manager Edward Barry.

Leading the motion to approve, Commission member Janie Rhoads said the Planning Commission has taken into account both sides and has been diligent in crafting conditions that best serve the citizens.

"This has been an evolution of discussion and town hall meetings and is about as reasonable as I can think of,” Rhoads said. “Revenue to the county is not one of the considerations, it is the citizens. I believe with the additional conditions in place and state and federal agencies that the Planning Commission has done its job.”

But opposition remained. Commission member Donald Wagner addressed the crowd stating he could not support the solar facility because of its location and the potential effects of stormwater drainage if the county were to be hit with a severe storm similar to Hurricane Gaston.

“I firmly believe there is a fatal flaw with the Sweet Sue Solar Center because of its location,” Wagner said. “As with Gaston the streams and wetlands, private properties and public roads adjacent to as well as downstream from this project could experience severe flooding.

Invenergy’s engineer team assured the Commission that they have set in place specific measures to ensure flooding will not occur all while meeting the Department of Environmental Quality’s requirements.

The company is not in the clear yet. Although the Planning Commission approved the conditional-use permit, Invenergy must go before the Board of Supervisors, with the additional conditions, for the final approval.

“This is just for the conditional-use permit, not a done deal,” Commission and Board member Stephen Greenwood said. “There are more hoops to jump through before the company has the go-ahead to begin construction.”

The Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m., Monday, Jan. 13 at 180 Horse Landing Road.

Emily Holter, emily.holter@virginiamedia.com, 757-256-6657, @EmilyHolterNews.
77MW Solar Center "Sweet Sue Solar, LLC" proposed for Aylet


Industrial Solar Farms: An In-Depth Look at How Industrial Solar Farms Impact the Rural Tidewater Counties of the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck by the Essex County Conservation Alliance

This PDF File addresses the potential impact of industrial solar farms on the rural tidewater counties of the Middle Peninsula and the Northern Neck. As the pace of solar development rapidly quickens and decisions are made with increasing frequency, this paper aims to equip decision makers and the public alike with the information they need to take an informed stance on this issue and make decisions that best benefit the future of the community.

The focus of this paper is on the conversion and development of rural farm and forest lands into utility-scale solar-power generation stations, known as solar farms. This paper does not address the personal use of solar panels installed by a property owner to provide electricity for the owner’s home, farm, or business.

To To Read more about this - Use Our Link
Sweet Sue Solar
or Go To:
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/10 3 19 ECCA_Industrial Solar Farms_2019.pdf



Philosophically speaking,

Supervisor Ehrhart exposed deception by County School Officials regarding the number of positions they falsely claimed to have eliminated, and routinely exposed the injustices in the manner in which King William routinely favors certain small select groups when it comes to how the County collects tax revenue.

Ehrhart has been a champion for citizens on fixed and low incomes. However, Ehrhart has been deemed as "asking too many questions". Are the critics afraid he might further expose and spotlight misdeeds by these select groups and public employees?

Shown to the left are the documented savings to taxpayers since Ehrhart took office…All but one of these items pre-existed his tenure and were never addressed by Greenwood, Williams and Moskalski (who received benefits).
Farm Subsidy Primer

Farm subsidies provided by the federal government are supposed to help agricultural producers manage the variations in agricultural production and profitability from year to year - due to variations in weather, market prices, and other factors - while ensuring a stable food supply. In reality, this support is highly skewed toward the five major "program" commodities of corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, and rice. A handful of other commodities also qualify for government support, including peanuts, sorghum, and mohair, though subsidies for these products are far smaller. Dairy and sugar producers have separate price and market controls that are highly regulated and can be costly to the government.

Despite the rhetoric of "preserving the family farm," the vast majority of farmers do not benefit from federal farm subsidy programs and most of the subsidies go to the largest and most financially secure farm operations. Small commodity farmers qualify for a mere pittance, while producers of meat, fuits, and vegetables are almost completely left out of the subsidy game (i.e. they can sign up for subsidized crop insurance and often receive federal disaster payments).

Direct payments are paid at a set rate every year regardless of conditions.

1. Counter-cyclical payments are triggered when market prices fall below certain thresholds.
2. A new revenue assurance program provides for overall profitability for a given crop.
3. Marketing loans offer very favorable terms whereby farmers can realize tremendous gains through loan deficiency payments (LDPs) and commodity certificates.
4. Disaster payments recoup large losses due to natural phenomena. And the government subsidizes crop insurance to further insulate farmers from risk.

To read more - Use Our Link
or Go To:
To see the Top 40 Farm Subsidies in King William - Use Our Link
Top 40 K W Farm Subsidies
or Go To:
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/7 23 19 FarmFedSubsidies.pdf

Land Use Articles
or Go To:
Sources for the above article Link "Land Use Articles" - Listed Separately below

School funding formula complex - Orange County Review

Franklin County getting socked by state's school-funding system

Va. funding formula update penalizes Fauquier schools

Virginia Cooperative Extention - A Citizen's guide To The Use Value Taxation Program in Virginia

Millions of dollars are missing. The sheriff is dead. A small Virginia town wants answers.

(EDA) - On Tuesday, the Virginia State Police announced that 14 current and former local officials — including all five county supervisors — were charged with misdemeanor misfeasance and nonfeasance “based on the individuals’ knowledge of and inaction [regarding] the EDA’s mismanagement of funds.”
"The Washington Post September 24, 2019 at 7:19 p.m. " Article By Antonio Olivo

To read more - Use Our Link
or Go To:

Warren County's top officials indicted in Front Royal embezzlement scam

By John McCaslin | Rappahannock News Sep 24, 2019 Updated 4 hrs ago

Fourteen people, including all of Warren County’s leading government officials, have been indicted on misdemeanor charges related to an ongoing investigation involving the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority (EDA).

To read more - Use Our Link
or Go To:

(Pictured - Chase and Hansen): Speaking with Senator Chase after the meeting, Dave Hansen, who represents King William's Manquin District, is the only Supervisor who voted against allocating two million dollars to the county's EDA. (Credit: KWTP photo)

For immediate release
Virginia Senator Amanda Chase Blasts EDAs
King William, VA , September 12th, 2019

State Senator Amanda Chase brought her campaign against financial abuses in state and local government to the Upper King William Library in a spirited presentation to local Tea Party activists.

In his introductory remarks, group founder Bob Shannon noted the unfolding $21 million scandal surrounding Warren County's Economic Development Authority and that King William's own EDA has been given a “two million dollar slush fund to hand out with almost no oversight.”

Chase, the staunchly conservative, 2nd Amendment advocating host of a weekly radio townhall who calls herself “just a mom from Chesterfield,” detailed her opposition to poorly-supervised Economic Development Authorities.

Characterizing EDAs as “a shadow government of unelected people with no Constitutional authority to be spending our tax dollars,“ she emphasized that “I'm for business, but not for government picking winners and losers.”

Taking action, Chase introduced a bill to eliminate EDAs, but when it immediately ran into a wall of opposition from vested interests including key Republicans and Democrats, “I said well, I must be on to something here.”

Asked what citizens can do to fix the problem, Chase offered two possibilities.

“There needs to be a statewide referendum so taxpayers can make their voices heard. Also, a right way to do economic development is in the bill I proposed that lowers Virginia's corporate income tax from six percent to two and a half percent. That's equitable for everyone instead of the government giving Amazon a subsidy and not giving one to the small mom and pop businesses.”

In closing, Shannon looked all around the packed room before noting, “This was a well publicized meeting, but I don't see anyone from King William's EDA. Why not?”

(King William T.E.A. Party – Taxed Enough Already – does not endorse specific political candidates, but makes it a point to invite and host speakers presenting a wide variety of positions. kwteaparty.com and Facebook. Information about Va. Senator Amanda Chase is available at https://chase4senate.com/ )

********** End release **********
The Republican Party 97th District will be holding a Canvass (also known as a Firehouse Primary)
on June 1, 2019 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM to select the House of Delegates Republican nominee for the district.
The location for King William County (KWC) voters will be:

The King William Ruritan Club
156 Ruritan Lane (off Route 30)
King William VA

All legal voters (not just those who pre-filed) in the district (which includes most KWC voters outside of West Point) who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party and intend to support its nominees for public office in the ensuing election may participate in the Canvass. I regret that absentee balloting will not be possible.
The King William Board of Supervisors has decided to enter the Video Age.
Thanks to the Magic of YouTube - You can now view the BOS in action and hear the public comments of both the supervisors and citizens.
This means the next time you hear "They didn't say or do that" Just Say "Yes They did" and you can go watch the proof.

Click on the below Link To go to the County's web page that will allow you to click through to YouTube
or go to:

Click on this Link To go Directle to the Apr 29 Regular BOS Meeting on YouTube
Apr 29
or go to:

Will Richmond’s largest lobbying firm select the next delegate from the 97th District?

Enter Mike Reynold, Senior Vice President of McGuireWoods Consulting, Peace’s former employer. Hanover GOP Chair Dale Taylor installed Reynold on the Legislative District Committee. Since then, chaos has ensued.

Click the Link To Read More

97th District

or go to:


Attached is the link to the summary handout from the 5th District Supervisor:
(Mangohick) Robert W. Ehrhart's Town Hall meeting:

The Handout shows a $1.4 million spending increase for year 2020 after retiring a $1.2 million Debt Service Reduction.

To read the Handout and see who Voted for this increased Spending - Use Our Link


or Go To:
http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/FY 20 budget_summary.pdf

Vet For immediate release
Open Mic” fireworks at Tea Party meeting
King William, VA , April 11th 2019

Responding Thursday evening to the King William TEA Party's invitation to an “Open Mic” night for all candidates in local races, King William Supervisor Dave Hansen blasted the county's proposed budget for the coming fiscal year.

“It's nothing but a farce,” he said, “there's not a single cut and everything is going up.”

Throughout his first term representing the Manquin District, Hansen has been an outspoken critic of tactics used by what he calls “the usual three against two majority on the board” (Mangohick District Bob Ehrhart often votes with Hansen) to silence calls for spending restraint while generously funding a growing list of pet projects.

Pointing to “supplemental appropriations” quietly approved months after finalizing last year's budget, Hansen said “every singe one of the cut programs got their money back, everything they wanted.”

Hansen then focused attention on what he called lack of transparency for spending by the county's school system.

“King William schools used to have a Category system,” he said, “where the annual budget was divided into specific amounts to be spent on specific spending areas like salaries and transportation. But this was done away with by the previous board. Now, they get the whole appropriation and can spend it any way they want without oversight by the supervisors.”

Also accepting KWTP's invitation, Democrat Stan Scott, running for the Virginia Senate's 4th District seat, stepped forward bravely to state his positions on a variety of controversial issues.

“I'm an unabashed progressive,” he said, “but I want to listen to liberals, conservatives, in the middle, everyone...and I'm hoping you folks will ask me some tough questions.”

Smith quickly got his wish by having to defend Democratic Party positions on the gay agenda, gun control, illegal immigration, climate change, charter schools, and citizen referendums.

Smith's responses generally mirrored information posted on his website http://stanforvirginia.org/

(King William T.E.A. Party – Taxed Enough Already – does not endorse specific political candidates, but makes it a point to invite and host speakers presenting a wide variety of positions. kwteaparty.com)

********** End release **********

Del. Nick Freitas offers message to voters of 97th House District

Freitas warns voters of Del. Chris Peace’s “transactional” approach to politics

Republican delegates in Hanover, King William, New Kent Counties will decide whether to re-nominate Del. Chris Peace (R-Mechansicsville) to serve another term in the House of Delegates at a convention to be held on May 4th in Hanover. Peace has been under fire from conservatives for his outspoken support of the Democrats’ Medicaid expansion in the General Assembly–long a rallying cry of Republican opposition in Richmond–which has fueled the campaign of challenger Scott Wyatt.

Click the Link To Read More

Peace Vs Scott

or go to:



Vet Vet Challenger to Chris Peace comes on strong

King William, VA , March 14th 2019

Speaking to the King William TEA Party on Thursday evening, Hanover resident Scott Wyatt wasted no time in going after eight-term Virginia Delegate Chris Peace, a fellow Republican.

“Peace has outraged the conservative community with his recent vote joining Democrats to expand Medicaid in Virginia,” Wyatt said. “Paying for this will almost certainly mean higher taxes.”

Wyatt, who has served Hanover County as supervisor for the Cold Harbor district since 2015, said that the better alternative is private sector solutions like more choices and improving technology.

Noting criticism of Peace that he has heard from many residents of King William, Hanover and New Kent, Wyatt said that “Republicans in the 97th District want a representative who will fight against the push by Democrat liberals to grow government with unfunded mandates.”

A retired operations manager for Verizon, Wyatt emphasized the daily contacts he has with local citizens that help him understand the issues that are important. “My campaign is grass-roots. I'm not a career politician like Chris Peace and I won't be hanging out with lobbyists.”

Facing a series of pointed questions from the audience, Wyatt voiced support for regulatory reduction, tax simplification, school choice, open bidding for government contracts, election integrity, gun rights, and President Trump.

Then, what some saw as a degree of political inexperience, he said he would have more research on the issues of Referendum Reform, government-financed Broadband and reigning in local Economic Development Authorities.

Wyatt closed with a promise that if he's elected to Virginia's General Assembly, he will “vote no on tax increases and work to decrease taxes and spending.”

The Virginia Republican Party's Wyatt-Peace contest will be settled at an upcoming nominating convention. https://virginia.gop/

Contact Scott Wyatt in Hanover at (804) 442-6895 or via e-mail at scott@votescottwyatt.com.

(King William T.E.A. Party – Taxed Enough Already – does not endorse specific political candidates, but makes it a point to invite and host speakers presenting a wide variety of positions. kwteaparty.com )


Vet News Release - Local EMS Chief Announces Run for KW Supervisor Seat.

Date: February 28th 2019 - King William, VA

Speaking to the King William TEA Party on Thursday evening, Curtis Mason, Chief of Mattaponi Volunteer Rescue Service, publicly revealed his plan to run for Supervisor in District 2 (Courthouse and Sweet Hall) in November's election.

“I'm not a politician,” Mason said, “I'm a man of the people and I promise to work in the best interests of all the citizens of King William.”

Mason, a strong critic of plans by King William government to take over long-existing volunteer fire and emergency medical services in the county, noted that Travis Moskalski, current supervisor for the district, consistently supports the takeover and a number of other bad ideas.

“This will have a lot of negative consequences,” Mason said, “particularly in reduced medical and fire emergency response times and higher rates for homeowners' insurance in many areas.”

He also predicts that pushing out dedicated volunteers and the large costs for paid personnel, expensive vehicles, and facility upgrades will almost certainly mean higher taxes.

Asked why he decided to oppose Moskalski, Mason criticized what he saw as a troubling attitude among the majority of the Board toward spending. “They say 'the money is there, the people have it so let's use it'.”

“I'm for saving instead of spending.”

Contact Mr. Mason at mvrs699@outlook.com

(King William T.E.A. Party – Taxed Enough Already – does not endorse specific political candidates, but makes it a point to invite and host speakers presenting a wide variety of positions. kwteaparty.com )
********** End release **********

Vet Vet

Vet KWTax001.jpg A Walk Down Memory Lane For Our K.W Board Of Supervisors

As we age obviously certain skill sets diminish, all of us do what we can to maintain cognitive levels, hoping nature and a good set of genes staves off the ravages of old age setting in. It is also why we maintain records, and on the King William T.E.A Party website we have from the archives of 2015 the Candidate Questionnaires. It is worth a return trip since the new Chair, Bill Hodges is settling in and the Board begins the process of digesting information to shape the 2018-19 County Budget. In the event that your scheduling demands won’t allow you to take that time to revisit the Questionnaire we decided to share with you some of the Jewels from the Candidates (now Supervisors) pledges they made in the effort to secure your precious vote.

Question# 12 seemed a good starting point. The question was “Has spending under the current Board been - Too high___ Too Low___ or Where it should be____

Hodges said it was Too High and so did Stephen Greenwood? Two years of their votes haven’t seemed to jell with that opinion, all things considered.

Question #1 Name 1 item you would specifically cut from the County Budget? Greenwood stated B.P.O.L Odd since he hasn’t done anything about eliminating the hated B.P.O.L tax…..at least for those of us not granted an exemption from paying it. If you own a business in King William and you pay it you might ask the 3rd District Supervisor just when he plans on acting on his promise, or perhaps ending the exemption for the privileged Oligarch Pals

Question #2 Should the B.O.S need additional revenue next year, where would you find it?…..Greenwood answered…. “Some sort of actual cut in spending”, leaving those of us who watch the out of control spending to ask ….WHEN?

Question # 3 Should the Board exert more pressure on the School budget, which Supervisor Greenwood answered YES. If you recall last year after the budget was approved within weeks the Board of Supervisors voted first …for an additional $75,000 to give the schools, THEN several weeks later the same Board voted YES to allow the schools to re-categorize several hundreds of thousands of dollar that were in the School Text Book fund (for buying ….you know—TEXT BOOKS), ONLY TO AUTHORIZE MUCH OF THE MONEY TO BE USED FOR PAY RAISES AND ADDITIONAL HIRING. Greenwood sure exerted some more pressure on that school spending –Heh.

Question # 7 Would you support a 2 year spending freeze? Once again Supervisor Greenwood answered YES. That answer must have slipped Greenwoods mind last May when he voted YES on a budget that actually increased 4.7% -----------Where are those spending cuts Sir?

Question #10 Name 2 items in the Budget that you consider non-essential? Greenwood responded Art’s Alive & the Airport Authority…..yet last year Greenwood actually INCREASED ART’S ALIVE’s BUDGET AND NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT ELIMINATING THE TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES TO THE AIRPORT AUTHORITY?

Question #14 Why are you running for the Board? Greenwood’s response was (and this is a real laughter) “ I am running because the citizens wishes are not being listened to, I want to try once again to cut some spending

Our group believes elected officials should be held accountable for campaign pledges and promises they make when running for office. Maybe citizens might ask our new Chairman Bill Hodges and Supervisor Greenwood to explain the clear contradictions in what they said 28 months ago, and their actions the last 2 years.

Have Something To Say - Post A Comment
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Vet For Immediate Release

KW Planning Director foresees no staff increases
King William, VA , July 27th, 2017

Bucking a disturbing trend seen throughout government at all levels, KW County Planning Director Wally Horton said that the current budget and staffing levels in his department are sufficient for its responsibilities.

“We've got very good people in all our positions,” he said, “and if needed, we can shift some duties around.”

This declaration of financial responsibility was applauded by attendees at Thursday evening's meeting of the King William Tea Party, dedicated to cutting government spending and passing along savings to taxpaying citizens.

Horton's presentation showed how the department helps protect the county's natural resources and quality of life through developing and recommending growth management strategies.

This, he said, “encourages community growth through sound land use development practices.”

Bob Shannon, the group's founder, repeated the familiar charge of documented history of prior mismanagement in the county's government in general and the Planning Department in particular.

“Over the last decade several major blow ups ended up costing KW tax payers millions of dollars,” he said, “from the water /sewer issues, to the pumping station fiasco at a local subdivision to the Urban Development Grants that caused King William to have to comply with some highly questionable zoning rules.”

Horton, who took over the top spot in fall of 2016, detailed several initiatives to specifically address these concerns including tightening the release of Surety Bonds and multi-agency cooperation in evaluating plans and monitoring progress of major developments. .

County Supervisors Bob Ehrhart (Mangohick) and Dave Hansen (Manquin) who were in the audience, commended Horton on the record thus far of his department's efficiency and avoiding what some characterize as 'good ole boy practices' of the past.

King William County's Planning Department is responsible for long-range planning for land use and transportation and for reviewing and updating the County's Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. It is also responsible for processing and reviewing land disturbance and zoning permits, rezoning, conditional use and special exception requests, plans of development, subdivision proposals and erosion and sediment control for the County. Planning staff also provides support to the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and the Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board on matters involving long-range planning and development review policy. More information at http://kingwilliamcounty.us/departments-and-services/planning-department/

*** End Release ***
As the old Adage goes "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Pick up your phone, get on your computer and send Greenwood Moskalski and Hodges an e-mail,
show up at these publically posted meetings and speak up--------or plan on opening up your wallets
again when these new planned wasteful projects bills come due. Public opinion is turning in our favor,
now is not the time to take our collective foots off the gas.

Middle Peninsula Planning District Meeting; where the following was announced:

Vet 'Project 30114 - CDBG Planning Grant - Pamunkey Tribe Broadband Project

This project looks to conceptually link the six counties of the Middle Peninsula using the Microwave - E911 Communications systems (or other technology approaches) to create a regional broadband network to deliver broadband services across the Middle Peninsula region under one unified platform. Localities for evaluation include: Essex, Gloucester, King & Queen, King William, Mathews, and Middlesex Counties.'

... Assembled RFP review committee to rank and score received proposals under the DHCD broadband planning grant. Design Nine was selected as the preferred consulting firm for the planning and assessment work.'

It is the understanding, that the Pamunkey Tribal Council has approved the program using Federal Funding (NO funding is needed from King William citizens).

What a shame, that the folks within our County government and the King William County EDA who knew this 'public information' on May 15th; could not share this information with us prior to the Supervisors of Districts 1, 2, and 3 including $230,000 in the 2018 County Budget for Broadband on Monday May 22nd. Anyone want to take bets, as to the Budget $230,000 being returned to the Taxpayers of King William.

The verification documentation to the aforementioned can be found on line at the MPPDC website page 25 of the MPPDC Executive Director's Report of Regional Progress dated May 15, 2017 or contact the Executive Director of the MPPDC at LLawrence@mppdc.com.

As long as you are talking or typing to the MPPD "Ask" How The All Hazards Mitigation Plan will change how you use your property with the newly added Sea Level rise plus 6 feet.





Subject: K.W Supervisors exhibit indifference to Conservatives concerns.

The budget discussions are fixated on how to spend the increasing amount
of anticipated new revenue, and the unassigned reserve fund balance of
$8,000,000.00 . No mention of lowering taxes and returning the excess to
taxpayer’s. 17 months ago voters sent a loud & clear message by throwing
3 incumbent Supervisors out of office.

Pay raises, a half dozen new vehicles, fringe benefits that are out of control
and more dough to the bloated public sector pensions. Supervisor Hodges
made a campaign pledge to “pick up the pennies” a rather sophomoric
reference that he would be a good steward of the public’s money. In 17
months he has gone from picking up pennies to casually throwing money
away by the bucketful.

You can pick up the phone or stand still like sheep being led to slaughter.

Bob Shannon
Central Garage


Broadband consultants collect hefty fees as
they push taxpayer-supported networks

If you build it, they will come.

It’s not just fictional Iowa corn farmer Ray Kinsella hearing those words.

More and more, local governments across the country are getting such positive feedback from consultants, who recommend the construction of expensive taxpayer- or ratepayer-supported broadband networks with promises the moves will attract businesses and improve the area’s quality of life. Kelly McCutchen, president of Georgia Public Policy Foundation, said unlike government leaders, consultants can’t be held accountable for the results by voters.

“They’ll tell them they can do it cheaper, and it’s not based in reality,” McCutchen told Watchdog. “And taxpayers are left holding the bag.”

“Typically these consultants are the only ones that come out good on these deals,” he said.

He points to Marietta, which sold its FiberNet broadband system at a loss of $24 million in 2004. Its fiber-optic system, stretching from Kennesaw to Alpharetta and partially into Atlanta, had all of 180 customers along its 210-mile route when the city got rid of it.

Bill Dunaway, then the mayor, who ran on a platform that included dumping FiberNet, told USA Today the city couldn’t keep up with the necessary equipment upgrades.

“That’s why we should not be in this business — you have to keep reinvesting,” he said.

To read more - Use Our Link


or Go To:

Other sites that may be of interest
Government-owned Internet projects are a bad deal for taxpayers, consumers

Bad Deal

or Go To:

THE DIRTY DOZEN:Examining the Failure of America’s Biggest & Most Infamous Taxpayer-Funded Broadband Networks

CEDAR FALLS UTILITIES - In 2015, President Barack Obama visited Cedar Falls to highlight the town’s municipal broadband service

In his speech lauding Cedar Falls government broadband service, Obama failed to mention that residents who signed up for Iowa’s first gigabit network initially paid $275 a month. That gig service, while now cheaper, remains unaffordable for many potential customers – residential customers pay $147 per month for the service, while business customers pay an astounding $895 every month.


or Go To:


Taxpayer Funded Broadband Is A Waste of Money by Ross Marchand on 2017-01-24

Across the country, taxpayer-funded broadband systems have been failing at
an alarming rate. In examining a regional initiative to bring municipal broadband
to sixteen cities, the Utah state legislature found extensive budget overruns,
construction delays, and lack of consumer demand. Taxpayers in Provo, Utah are
still on the line for their broadband system’s $40 million debt, after the
government sold the network to Google for $1. Orlando, Fla. had a failed 17-month
stint with a public Wi-Fi network, which cost the city about $1,800 a month and
only serviced 30 users daily.

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Dear Editor

Subject: Broadband Committee Deception-----Is it by design? .

Over the years I have learned the nuances of the not so clever advocates for
bigger government, often motivated by a design to off load expenses that
otherwise would be partially or entirely funded by themselves…..if not for
their recognition that grant money is possibly available to further their aims.
Issuing Bonds (new debt) is also under consideration to help pay for this since
these same folks are often shielded by a myriad of tax exemptions that
minimize their share of the costs in paying back the debt. These advocates
are republicans and democrats, in equal proportion.

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Letter Dated 03/07/17

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The King William Tea Party

Candidate (B.O.S.) Questionnaire

"Why Would You Vote For Anyone
That Won't Answer All the Questions You Need Answered
To Make an Informed Decision - Before The Election" ?

In Our Ongoing Efforts To Provide Voters With the Information On the Candidates'
Positions - We sent 14 Questions in a Questionnaire To All
Candidates Running for the Board of Supervisor Position.

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Care to see where Your Money Goes?

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The Mindset of Our Elected Officials

1. Support the continuation of increased State funding for the K-12 Education
2.Support equal authority among all of the counties to levy & collect a tobacco tax
3.Enable counties , on the initiative and action by their governing bodies, to
establish a meals tax, without referendum, at a rate not to exceed 8 percent.

Let's invite King William taxpayers to see for themselves the mindset of our elected
officials. 16 States have experienced declining school age populations and " increased funding"
as if no consideration should be even weighed as to KW student population projections.......just
increase the funding ?

The second and third both note either a new tax or authority to raise an existing one ( meals tax).
The special wording----WITHOUT REFERENDUM--- is worth highlighting since it clearly embodies
the mentality that citizens should shut up and just sit down............"we know what's best for you"

This is a textbook example of why I have driven the issue of the G.A passing Referendum Reform here
in Virginia. The Wall St. Journal cited 2 years ago in an article discussing the various states laws
on Citizen driven referendums, and called out Virginia ,stating " Virginia's referendum laws are from
the dark ages" Perhaps this might make a interesting topic for the local newspapers who might have
some interest in exposing why the G.A drags their feet, when citizens want more control over local
taxing/spending related issues. It is not without note that they included that very specific language"
without referendum" in their letter.

These Board members continue to cite the " state mandates" that drive spending up in localities
being forced to spend money to satisfy these mandates forced upon them. Perhaps I missed it....but
do you see any mention of asking the G.A to freeze or eliminate any of these mandates they like to
whine about ? Or is it perhaps just a convenient excuse they roll out again and again when they raise
taxes ?

Bob Shannon


School Spending Will Increase This Year In Spite Of Falsehoods Promoted By Chairman Greenwood
Greenwood Called A Reduction In Debt Service Payments A Spending Cut
Greenwood Campaigned And Told Voters He Intended To Cut Spending
Greenwood Claimed - The Level Of Funding Initially Proposed By The State And Later Reduced
A "Spending Cut" To The School Budget

-------------The Facts Tell A Different Story------------------

Kw County Schools Will Spend Hundreds Of Thousands More This Year
Than Last Year------Greenwood Is Misleading Citizens, And He Knows It!
Does A School System With 4 Schools Really Need A Superintendent And
An Assistant Superintendent?
These 2 Positions Alone Account For
Almost $300,000 In Annual Salaries /Benefits !


Kw County Has An Excessive Reserve Fund Of Some 6.4 Million Dollars?
The .02 Reduction In The Real Estate Tax Rate Is Nothing More Than
A Loan Of Your Money To Give A Home Owner A $38 Reduction In His/Her Tax Bill
Greenwood Borrowed (From You) $38 To Give You A $38 Tax Reduction On Your Tax.

-------------Does That Make Any Sense To You?--------------

Why Does The B.O.S Keep Such A Large Reserve Balance?
To Fund Their Pet Projects And Wish List Items
This Is Why Government Spending Is Out Of Control.
The Solution
----Reduce The Reserve Fund Level Permanently.
If Citizens Allow Them To Keep This Large Balance - Just What Will They Do?

-------------Spend, Spend ,Spend !---------------------------

Supervisor Greenwood , Moskalski And Hodges Voted To Fund A New Regional
Government Economic Commission With Your Tax Dollars
This - In Spite Of Not Answering The Following Question........
What Do We Have To Show For The $200,000 Spent In The Last 10 Years
On An " Economic Consultant " Where Did That Money Go, To Whom And For Just What

------------- Specifically ? ------------

Either They Can Not Or Will Not Answer That Question---We've Tried
So Why Throw More Of Our Hard Earned Money In Another

-------------- Government Boondoggle Program -----------------

85% Of The Money Will Be Spent On Salaries /Benefits For Another
Government Entity With Nothing To Show For It, No Different Than The Last
10 Years And $200,000 Already Spent That They Refuse To Account For !


A Must Read !!

On Jan 11, 2015

The Richmond Times-Dispatch obtained local,
state and government employees’ names,
job titles and salaries using the state’s
Freedom of Information statute. As
required by law, the governments and school
systems provided information for more than
42,000 employees.

The FOI request for the fiscal year that
began July 1, 2013, and ended June 31, 2014,
is part of The Times-Dispatch’s
ongoing effort to report to you findings about
government spending and the use of taxpayer
The newspaper used the data
to create this searchable database.

The Times-Dispatch removed part-time workers
and those reported as less than $10,000 a year
before calculating the median salary of $44,056.
The names of employees who fall below that median
are not included in the online database.

To Read the Times Dispatch article and Information:
(This will put you on the last page of the King William
county information. Click on "Search Again" to view other
local county salaries)

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News Release - Mar 24, 2016

Left Picture - Bret Schardein, King William County's Director of Community Development and Right - 4th District (Manquin) Supervisor David Hansen and
3rd District (Aylett) Supervisor Stephen

“Affordable housing” project questioned at KWTP meeting.

King William, Va., 24 Mar 16. In a presentation to the King William TEA Party, Bret Schardein, King William County's
Director of Community Development, detailed the permit review process for King William Manor and King William Place, a
proposed high-density, multi-level housing project near the Central Crossing intersection of Route 360 and 30.

Packett Developers/Mark-Dana Corporation seeks to build up to 208 rental apartments and 20 town homes to provide “affordable
housing” for low to moderate income individuals, families, and seniors, raising concerns from some over how this might impact
the quality of life in the area, home values, traffic congestion, as well as strain on county schools, social services and law enforcement.

“There are four main areas of the review,” Schardein said, “traffic, utilities, demand, and property values.”

While explaining each of these, he fielded questions and comments from the attendees, including 3rd District (Aylett) Supervisor Stephen
Greenwood and 4th District (Manquin) Supervisor David Hansen.

Among concerns voiced by Hansen were the initial plan characterizing the county as “blighted,” and problematic changes that
are likely to be required as a result of the developer applying for government assistance or other financing. These include VHDA (
Virginia Housing Development Authority) for financing through their senior and workforce tax credit affordable housing programs.

Greenwood pointed out that the developer's original plans, presented to the Board of Supervisors back in August 2015 and recently
approved on a 3 to 2 vote, will have to go back through the entire process of public comment and official review if there are notable

This will give King William's citizens – particularly those previously unaware of this project – the opportunity to weigh
in pro or con.

Documentation of the developer's original PowerPoint presentation as well as additional information is available on KWTP's website

KWTP's info packed meetings are open to all citizens of good will. They begin promptly at 7 PM and you'll be out by 8. Usually held on
the second and fourth Thursdays each month at the Upper King William Library. “If we can't even bring taxes and spending under
control in King William, there's no hope for America.” More information at www.kwteaparty.com


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