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Industrial Solar Farms:

An In-Depth Look at How Industrial Solar Farms Impact the Rural Tidewater Counties of the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck
by the Essex County Conservation Alliance

This report will give food to the thought that Solar Power may not be the answer based on the unintended consequences that accompany any new Technology.

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Solar Farms
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http://www.kwteaparty.com/PDF/7 23 19 Solar_MP_NN.pdf
The Republican Party 97th District will be holding a Canvass (also known as a Firehouse Primary)
on June 1, 2019 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM to select the House of Delegates Republican nominee for the district.
The location for King William County (KWC) voters will be:

The King William Ruritan Club
156 Ruritan Lane (off Route 30)
King William VA

All legal voters (not just those who pre-filed) in the district (which includes most KWC voters outside of West Point) who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party and intend to support its nominees for public office in the ensuing election may participate in the Canvass. I regret that absentee balloting will not be possible.
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Will Richmond’s largest lobbying firm select the next delegate from the 97th District?

Enter Mike Reynold, Senior Vice President of McGuireWoods Consulting, Peace’s former employer. Hanover GOP Chair Dale Taylor installed Reynold on the Legislative District Committee. Since then, chaos has ensued.

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97th District

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Del. Nick Freitas offers message to voters of 97th House District

Freitas warns voters of Del. Chris Peace’s “transactional” approach to politics

Republican delegates in Hanover, King William, New Kent Counties will decide whether to re-nominate Del. Chris Peace (R-Mechansicsville) to serve another term in the House of Delegates at a convention to be held on May 4th in Hanover. Peace has been under fire from conservatives for his outspoken support of the Democrats’ Medicaid expansion in the General Assembly–long a rallying cry of Republican opposition in Richmond–which has fueled the campaign of challenger Scott Wyatt.

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Peace Vs Scott

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Vet Vet Challenger to Chris Peace comes on strong

King William, VA , March 14th 2019

Speaking to the King William TEA Party on Thursday evening, Hanover resident Scott Wyatt wasted no time in going after eight-term Virginia Delegate Chris Peace, a fellow Republican.

“Peace has outraged the conservative community with his recent vote joining Democrats to expand Medicaid in Virginia,” Wyatt said. “Paying for this will almost certainly mean higher taxes.”

Wyatt, who has served Hanover County as supervisor for the Cold Harbor district since 2015, said that the better alternative is private sector solutions like more choices and improving technology.

Noting criticism of Peace that he has heard from many residents of King William, Hanover and New Kent, Wyatt said that “Republicans in the 97th District want a representative who will fight against the push by Democrat liberals to grow government with unfunded mandates.”

A retired operations manager for Verizon, Wyatt emphasized the daily contacts he has with local citizens that help him understand the issues that are important. “My campaign is grass-roots. I'm not a career politician like Chris Peace and I won't be hanging out with lobbyists.”

Facing a series of pointed questions from the audience, Wyatt voiced support for regulatory reduction, tax simplification, school choice, open bidding for government contracts, election integrity, gun rights, and President Trump.

Then, what some saw as a degree of political inexperience, he said he would have more research on the issues of Referendum Reform, government-financed Broadband and reigning in local Economic Development Authorities.

Wyatt closed with a promise that if he's elected to Virginia's General Assembly, he will “vote no on tax increases and work to decrease taxes and spending.”

The Virginia Republican Party's Wyatt-Peace contest will be settled at an upcoming nominating convention. https://virginia.gop/

Contact Scott Wyatt in Hanover at (804) 442-6895 or via e-mail at scott@votescottwyatt.com.

(King William T.E.A. Party – Taxed Enough Already – does not endorse specific political candidates, but makes it a point to invite and host speakers presenting a wide variety of positions. kwteaparty.com )


Governor Northam Announces Major Investment to Accelerate Virginia’s Progress Towards Universal Broadband Access

Budget package to up Virginia Telecommunications Initiative funding to $50 million

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today announced his proposed budget will feature major investments in the Commonwealth’s support of broadband infrastructure, the first installment of a historic commitment to expanding access to all unserved Virginians.

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Vet Vet

Libertarian campaigns in King William

Speaking to the King William T.E.A. Party on Thursday evening, U.S. Senate Candidate Matt Waters criticized his Republican and Democratic opponents for fighting over petty issues while intentionally ignoring the skyrocketing National Debt. “It's rapidly approaching twenty two trillion dollars now and growing out of control,” he said, adding that “our children's share is more than sixty five thousand dollars each !”

Waters, running on the Libertarian ticket for the seat currently held by Democrat Senator Tim Kaine, addressed a variety of financial issues as well as his views on civil liberties, immigration reform, the impending bankruptcy of the Social Security program, and social issues. He is calling for an end to the Federal Income tax, abolishing the I.R.S and abolishing payroll tax withholding. “People should have to write a check to pay their taxes, then they would be demanding spending cuts.“

Responding to the pointed question of why vote for a Libertarian who has little chance of winning, Waters pulled no punches. “It's insanity to keep voting for Republicans or Democrats, there's no real difference in how they actually govern.”

“The Libertarian message is the right message and this is the right time,” he said. “I'm asking for your support to chart a new way forward for all Americans – grounded in the tenets of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' “

The King William T.E.A Party does not formally endorse any candidate for national state or local office. Information at www.kwteaparty.com , Facebook and www.MattWaters.com
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Upper King William Library, October 25th, 2018. Standing in front of a big screen showing the astronomical $21 trillion National Debt running up in real time, Matt Waters, candidate for U.S. Senate from Virginia, explained the Libertarian Party's proposals based on Constitutional principles and a return to financial sanity. ( Credit: King William T.E.A. Party )


Sept 5, 2018

Wharton's Olivia Mitchell and Leora Friedberg of the University of Virginia discuss the $4.4 trillion public sector pension shortfall.

Not Enough time, Not Enough Money

Sanitation workers, firefighters, teachers and other state and local government employees have performed their duties in the public sector for decades with the understanding that their often lackluster salaries were propped up by excellent benefits, including an ironclad pension. But Moody’s Investors Service recently estimated that public pensions are underfunded by $4.4 trillion. That amount, which is equivalent to the economy of Germany, accounts for one-fifth of national debt. It’s a significant concern for public employees who were banking on a fully funded retirement to get them through their golden years.

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Convention of States

Who is Publius Huldah? She is the writer of the flyer below. She is US Army JAG, retired, Joanna Martin.

Some of you met her at the Spotlight on Special Americans speaker event in March. There could be some candidates currently running for office who support a convention of states. You might want to ask them if they support a Constitutional Convention. We need candidates and elected officials to defend our Constitution!

The Nightmare Amendments from COSP’s “simulated convention” show why

Virginia should reject any candidates for office who support an Article V convention

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Convention of States
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State Legislators: Beware of Article V

Federal Constitutional Convention - What You Do Not Know !!

Introduction by Representative "The Honorable Mark D. Stubbs"
of ID State Legislature.

This video emphasizes the inability of state legislators to prevent a "runaway" federal constitutional
convention. Learn why state legislatures should not apply to Congress for an Article V convention of
the states based on evaluations of the con-con process by prominent constitutional scholars.

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Article V
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* 10/31/15

Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention
Published on Jul 6, 2015

What's the best way to rein in our out-of-control federal government?

Watch this 4-minute video for a comparison of two solutions: (1) nullification; and (2) a constitutional convention.

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Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention
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For more information read "Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention:
How to Save Our Republic"

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Why school choice must be passed in Virginia

A Video with the Spokesperson for the "Million Student March"

Quote - "The 1%'s who are hoarding the wealth cause the catastrophe students are facing"

After seeing this 4.10 minute Video - You may be wondering if there is a way to get any
of the money back that was spent on education. Think the "Lemon Laws" should apply here?

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Latest Revision - 11/13/15

Exective Order # 50 by Gov. McAuliffe

Title: DGS Directive 16 - Banning Open Carrying of Firearms

EO 50 (McAuliffe 2015); Virginia Code Sections 2.2-1100(B) and 2.2-1102(A)(1)

To implement Executive Order 50 (2015) and to disseminate information on open
carry firearms guidance in premises owned, leased, or controlled by executive
branch agencies of the Commonwealth.

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Banning Open Carrying of Firearms
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Just When You Thought the Power of Eminent Domain Was Made Fair

Three natural gas pipelines proposed to pass through Virginia are being hailed as economic
boons, bringing thousands of jobs and luring manufacturers to the commonwealth.

Most every political leaders in the state, from Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe to
Republican House Speaker Bill Howell, praises the pipelines as the best way to reduce
energy costs and speed the closing of aging coal plants.

The federal Natural Gas Act, which controls the transportation and sale of natural gas,
gives private, for-profit companies the power of eminent domain when a property owner isn't
willing to sell. Unlike Virginia's constitution, federal law does not guarantee the right to
a jury trial in eminent domain cases, and it does not require companies to pay property owners
for lost profits.

In some courts, companies haven't been required to show that they negotiated in good faith
with the property owner before instituting condemnation proceedings. They've simply shown that
the two sides didn't agree on the land's worth.

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Eminent Domain

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Virginia's Governor
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