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King William School Superintendent Fired in a Three to Two Vote

contributed by Jessica McClain As reported in “The Country Carrier" 12/21/22 - edited;

The Superintendent of king William county public schools Dr David White was fired by the school board in A 3-2 vote during the December 13th 2022 regular meeting. Terry Stone, Kathy Morrison, Lindsay Catlett voted in favor of his removal, while Mark Lee and Chairman Veda Frazier opposed.

There has been no word from the board if they intend to search for a new Superintendent in the coming weeks or months but assistant Superintendent Stacy Johnson will again take over the role of interim Superintendent as she did before the 2016 hiring of white
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Gov. Youngkin Heard Your Voices: Transgender Issues at School—What You Can Do Now!
Public comments are now being accepted! Add your comment in support now:
Use the link below (then do something they do not want you to do "Think For Yourself" and Let Your Concerns be heard.
What You Can Do Now
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Is this just the beginning of the rewards for promoting ESG?

In recent years, corporate board rooms have been smitten with a movement of “ESG” principles, which elevate “environmental, social, and governance” issues—fancy words to describe a preference for progressive policies—over profits when making business decisions. (You may know it as CRT or DEI)

In the Education Industry - DEI has been promoted.

Virginia’s State Board for Community Colleges has adopted Opportunity 2027, a Strategic Plan that will guide Virginia’s Community Colleges over the next six years. The plan went into effect July 1, 2021, and has this over-arching goal:
Virginia’s Community Colleges will achieve equity in access, learning outcomes, and success for students from every race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic group.

Use the link below (then do something they do not want you to do "Think For Yourself" and read all about it from the "Opportunity 2027" Strategic Plan Website.

Opportunity 2027

A Smart Man Once Said -

“To not be poor in America takes three things:

1. Graduate high school
2. Don’t get anybody pregnant before being married
3. Show up for the job you got hired for

If you do these three things you will never be poor in America. All of them are not related to race, gender, or sexual preference. All three are doable by anybody with a modicum of desire or restraint.


(left to right) Education Committee Chairman Elaine Daniel, Fourth District School Board Member Terry Stone, and
T.E.A. Party Chairman Scott Wassenberg

KW T.E.A Party Hosts Q&A with School Board Member Terry Stone
By Jessica McLane

On Thursday July 28th, the T.E.A. Party of King William hosted an open question and answer session at Ripley’s Family Restaurant with 4th District School Board Representative Terry Stone. The group extended an invite to Mrs. Stone in an effort to better understand local education as well as address recent concerns.

Questions covered a wide range of topics such as school safety, standardized testing, Covid policy and government funding. When asked about the School Board’s role in curriculum, Mrs. Stone said that “[The School Board is] not as powerful as people think we are.” She explained the Virginia Department of Education dictates what students learn, and the School Board “doesn’t have the day-to-day knowledge of what children are being taught.”

Mrs. Stone fielded tough questions about the School Board’s handling of Covid mandates and how Covid relief funding was used. She explained that the Board couldn’t risk being sued for pushing back against mandates and that the federal relief money was used for everything from free lunches to new school buses.

Local education issues are an important focus of the King William T.E.A. Party led by new Chairman Scott Wassneberg. “There is little else more important than the education of our children” he said. Education Committee Chairman Elaine Daniel, who arranged the meeting with Mrs. Stone, said of their mission to improve King William schools, “Children are our future. Let’s educate. Not indoctrinate.”

It was not clear if Mrs. Stone will run in the 2023 School Board election.

Judge won’t halt Miyares special grand jury investigating Loudoun County schools

On Monday, our office had a HUGE win.

Judge Plowman ruled that the grand jury investigation of the Loudoun County Public Schools’ handling of two sexual assaults can move forward, despite a legal challenge from the county school board.

Why? Because the school board isn’t above the law.

Click the Link to read more
Miyares Pushing Back in Loudoun
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Tucker: Classic literature out. Sexual propaganda in.

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host blasts critical race theory and highlights parents pushing back in Loudoun County Virginia.

Click the Link to see the 11 Minute Videos:
Pushing Back in Loudoun
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Pushing Parents Out, Biden Administration Further Weaponizes ‘Education’
The Epoch Times - Alex Newman - October 25, 2021 Updated: October 25, 2021

This is part 21 in a series examining education in the United States.

When it comes to education policy, the Biden administration is making the radicalism of the Obama years look mild by comparison.

The goal is to ultimately replace parents with bureaucrats and “experts” to facilitate the indoctrination of America’s youth. That transformation is accelerating.

To Read The Article"
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Pushing Parents Out
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District Summary Ratings
How well are the students in this district doing compared to their peers across the state?
Click on The Link:
District Summary Ratings
or go to:
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KWCPS January 18, 2022 School Board Meeting

The Old Days are Gone - Listen to concerned Parents Demand accountability at this King William School Board Meeting.

Start the Video at the 1 hour 19 minutes mark to get to the School Board / public interaction section.
Loudoun County School Board Meetings have nothing over our own King William School Board Meetings

This might just become a must see event every month.

Click the Link to see/hear the 43 Minutes of Regular School Board Meeting Video :
KWCPS 1/18/22
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KWCPS November 16, 2021 School Board Meeting

The Old Days are Gone - Listen to concerned Parents Demand accountability at this King William School Board Meeting.

Start the Video at the 1 hour 19 minutes mark to get to the School Board / public interaction section.
Loudoun County School Board Meetings have nothing over our own King William School Board Meetings

This might just become a must see event every month.

Click the Link to see the 70 Minute Video:
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Domestic Terrorism: Is it Alive and Well in King William?

Read the Post related to the King William county school board meeting on October 19, 2021. Do You Remember when they were called concerned Parents?

To Read The Facebook Post - Click on The Link:
Domestic Terrorism
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$10 million Reimbursement Coming to Naperville School District 203 Taxpayers
By Rafael Guerrero - Naperville Sun - Jan 21, 2021 at 1:59 PM

A budget surplus resulting from schools being closed most of 2020 will lead to $10 million distributed back to Naperville School District 203 taxpayers.

This week, the school board authorized the creation of a tax reimbursement account. The $10 million surplus will be deposited into the fund for a one-time tax reimbursement and the refunds be mailed to recipients as checks.

To Read The Rest of the Article as Reported by "Chicago Tribune"- Click on The Link:
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Remove Division Superintendent Dr. David White from King William County Public Schools!

In recent events, King William County Public Schools division superintendent, Dr. David White, has shown his agenda to shove the Black Lives Matter mentality down the throats of our community. With a letter to our parents of King William County students, a resolution highlighting one race over another, and an under the table set up of a rally supporting those that burn our flags, kneel to the Pledge of Allegiance, and burn down cities and towns creating hate. With all of that said we need to ban together as a community to let Dr. David White know that we will not be divided. We will not tolerate such to go on in our community involving our schools, thus creating division amongst our students, our families and our staff!

To Read and Sign this Petition - Click on The Link:
Season 37: Episode 3
FRONTLINE investigates the role of state governments and Wall Street in driving America’s public pensions into a multi-trillion-dollar hole. Marcela Gaviria, Martin Smith, and Nick Verbitsky go inside the volatile fight over pensions playing out in Kentucky, and examine the broader consequences for teachers, police, firefighters and other public employees everywhere.

To Watch this 55 min. Presentation - Click on Our Link
Public Pensions
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Smart Ways to Make College Cheaper and Better

Distinguished professor emeritus of economics at Ohio University Richard Vedder’s new book “Restoring the Promise,” published by the Independent Institute based in Oakland, California, is about the crisis in higher education.

He summarizes the three major problems faced by America’s colleges and universities.

First, our universities “are vastly too expensive, often costing twice as much per student compared with institutions in other industrialized democracies.”

Second, though there are some important exceptions, students “on average are learning relatively little, spend little time in academic preparation and in some disciplines are indoctrinated by highly subjective ideology.”

Third, “there is a mismatch between student occupational expectations after graduation and labor market realities.” College graduates often find themselves employed as baristas, retail clerks, and taxi drivers.

To read the rest of the story and watch the video:
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Below is a link & comment to a song reference by a supporter of the petition.

This song was recently shared/taught in our high school. It was brought to the attention of the principal AND the superintendent, with seemingly no concern. It’s definitely a politically charged/motivated song.
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Tyranny in our Schools

written by S. Chris Anders

Last night’s vote to infringe upon the individual rights of students and parents by the Loudoun County School Board is the latest example of tyranny by the government monopoly on education.

Both sides argued for individual rights and equality, in all insane topics, over what bathroom students are permitted to use.

In their anti-science stance, LGBTQ activists argued that any student should be able to use any bathroom they wish, regardless of sex.

To read the rest of the story,
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Sept 5, 2018

Wharton's Olivia Mitchell and Leora Friedberg of the University of Virginia discuss the $4.4 trillion public sector pension shortfall.

Not Enough time, Not Enough Money

Sanitation workers, firefighters, teachers and other state and local government employees have performed their duties in the public sector for decades with the understanding that their often lackluster salaries were propped up by excellent benefits, including an ironclad pension. But Moody’s Investors Service recently estimated that public pensions are underfunded by $4.4 trillion. That amount, which is equivalent to the economy of Germany, accounts for one-fifth of national debt. It’s a significant concern for public employees who were banking on a fully funded retirement to get them through their golden years.

To Listen to the podcast and read the background information - Click on Our Link


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Subject: King William School System Pay Raises are out of hand. .

The following SALARY data was provided by David O. White, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools

King William School system did not want you to know this, but would you be surprise to know that Dr. White is disappointed that the King William T.E.A. Party got the data and published it in a local newspaper. I guess Dr. White is surprised and disappointed that what is public information has been made available to county residents. What should be of a surprise is that on average every employee received an average raise every year since 2011 of above 2% some got more than 4% and they continue to want more. Just how much of a raise have you received since 2011? These raise do not include other benefits that were also increased, such as paying more of the employees’ healthcare and pension costs. Dr. White does not seem to understand that he works for the citizens of King William and we are the ones paying his salary.

King William County Public Schools - Selected Information
Base Salaries - FY11-12 and FY16-17 - Total Percentage Increase from 2011 to 2017 - Average Annual Increase in 2017

Assistant Superintendent --------- $94,136.00 --- $108,926.00 --- 15.7% --- 2.96%
Assistant Principal --------- $70,884.00 --- $81,560.00 --- 15.1% ---2.85%
Teacher Step 1 ------------- $38,000.00 --- $43,823.00 --- 15.3% --- 2.89%
Teacher Step 10 ------------ $40,484.00 --- $46,987.00 --- 16.1% --- 3.02%
Teacher Step 16 ------------ $43,239.00 --- $52,911.00 --- 22.4% --- 4.12%
Teacher Step 20 ------------ $47,940.00 --- $58,404.00 --- 21.8% --- 2.85%
Teacher Step 25 ------------ $55,744.00 --- $62,907.00 --- 12.8% --- 2.45%
Teacher Step 29 ------------ $57,366.00 --- $64,816.00 --- 13.0% --- 2.47%
Cafeteria ---------------------- $12,167.00 --- $13,617.00 --- 11.9% --- 2.27%


The Public Sector Pension crisis (and it is a crisis) has grown proportionally worse....much worse in a relatively short period of time. The accounting games being played by those responsible for these public sector plans, from the foolish and unrealistic rates of returns used in the plans testing assumptions, to the unwillingness of public sector employee unions who refuse to even consider modest changes in the plans benefits are going to lead to a major meltdown when the next market correction inevitably occurs. Just where will the States turn when the plans can not pay promised benefits ? $ 21 Trillion in national debt I doubt Congress will be in much of a mood to provide relief...........so the States will turn to US. It then begs the question why are localities adding OPEB ( Other Post Employment Benefits) when the pension obligations alone are so dire ? Why do the King William County School Board's members continue to duck our invitation to speak at one of our meetings and answer some questions about these supplemental benefits they are handing out ?

Making matter worse at the local level is the addition of supplemental benefits in the public schools, falling under the banner of OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) King William School Board members have been repeatedly invited to come and speak at one of our meetings to answer some tough questions about King William Schools funding of these promised benefits. To date nothing but silence. Why---if the local OPEB is on sound financial footing would they be reluctant to come in and explain and show us how King William tax payers having nothing to fear.yet they do not. In Chesterfield this year the scam was exposed, detailing in a RTD series how Chesterfield County elected officials and their own school board has buried the magnitude of the problem in Chesterfield until a few brave souls aware of the truth came forward and spilled the beans, leaving Chesterfield taxpayers on the hook for tens of millions of dollars of new unfunded liabilities.

To assist you in your direct contact with your district's member of the School Board,

Click the Link


or go to:
http://www.kwcps.k12.va.us/districtBoardEd.aspx ,
here is their area and email addresses:

Second ( Sweet Hall/Courthouse) Kathy H. Morrison kmorrison@kwcps.k12.va.us

Third ( Aylett ) Steven M. Tupponce stupponce@kwcps.k12.va.us,

Fourth ( Manquin ) Lindsay M. Robinson lrobinson@kwcps.k12.va.us

Fifth ( Mangohick ) Donald B. Longest dlongest@kwcps.k12.va.us

(At-large) Bryan K. Major bmajor@kwcps.k12.va.us

(No First District because that's West Point)

KW Schools Superintendent David O. White dwhite@kwcps.k12.va.us

Tidewater Review mail@tidewaterreview.com

Country Courier office@countrycouriernews.com

News Release

Making the case for Public Charter Schools
12 October 2017, King William, Va

Speaking to a meeting of the King William T.E.A. Party, Antione M. Green, a Senior Advocacy Associate with the Foundation for Excellence in Education, presented a powerful case in support of Public Charter Schools in Virginia.

“We must redefine what public education means and how we’re going to meet the individual academic needs of today’s school children,” Green said. “This is why charter schools are a critical element of making our country greater for our children and grandchildren.”

Green, a key figure in the creation and subsequent success of Richmond's Patrick Henry Science and Arts, Virginia's first elementary charter school.

“What started off as a school with just a little over 100 kids,” he said, “now is serving more than 300 children, with over 200 on the school’s waiting list.”

Noting that there are only nine such charter schools in all of Virginia when North Carolina has 160, Green asserted that children in chronically failing public school systems will be far better off in charter schools.

“Why aren’t we in the greatest state in the nation taking advantage of this k12 reform that has been battle-tested and data proven to improve the academic outcomes and help meet the academic needs of our young people? This model gives our teachers the flexibility and autonomy to teach new innovative methods to reaching our kids. No more one-size fits all for teaching and providing instruction with the expectation that all kids learn the same.”

Responding to the critical question of what concerned citizens can do to overcome opposition from local public school authorities and the Virginia Education Association, Green cited the foundation's legislative proposal for creation of regional public charter school divisions.

“Public Schools need some competition,” he asserted. “Nothing else will bring down costs or improve declining performance. It's time to end the government monopoly. Public Education has become a bureaucracy that needs to be reined in, and competition works to improve quality and to lower costs.”

More information on the Foundation for Excellence in Education's legislative efforts and education advocacy is available at facebook.com/ExcelinEd

******************** End ********************

What are charter schools?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools open to all students. They are publicly funded and held t o state academic and financial standards. Unlike traditional public schools, however, charter schools are run independently of school districts and, instead, operate under a performance contract with an authorizer (a district, the state, or another approved entity).
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Public Charter School
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King William County Public Schools Website

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(Budget, Inclement Weather Guidelines, Quick Links,
Parent Portal, etc.)

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Dear Editor

Subject: An Open Letter To The King William T.E.A Party Critics. .

Once again as the budget season rolls around we have the usual suspects lining up to take
pot shots at the only organized opposition in King William County to the run-away freight
train A.K.A, big government. In recent days our website has received several caustic
comments/letters that illustrate the absolute ignorance of people who know nothing of
which they speak. Convenient pawns used by the Bureaucrats. A Case in point.

One writer who sent the e-mail to our website let us know that she was inflamed….but it
was at our group because……… “ all you do is tear down what others try to build up,
specifically our children and our school system, I will not allow you to put our future
(our children) at risk .

Rational deliberation and a thorough analysis of the facts surrounding budgeting is what we
do, not the emotionally charged rants that “ it’s for the children”.This emotional blackmail
strategy employed by those that have no knowledge of the facts IS OVER. Public school
spending is now being put under the microscope, particularly the vast sums of taxpayer
dollars that are often spent in very wasteful manners. I seriously doubt if one were to ask
this woman how many students were in the 4 schools, what was their budget last year, how
many full time employees do they have, or what percentage of the budget goes to
salaries/benefits she could correctly answer any one of those. Yet she rails about
our children’s future” .

According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report page 88(C.A.F.R)in 2007 local
funding expenditures in the 4 schools were $5,830,758. By 2016 that number had ballooned
to $10,451,449.00 , almost doubling. It is difficult for anyone to suggest that the schools
have not been adequately funded, particularly given the stagnation in school enrollment

Now the assertion is made year after year by KW School officials that MONEY = OUTCOMES.
Let’s examine that thesis a little closer.

At the Joint K.W B.O.S/ School Board Meeting Thursday March 9, held at the Hamilton Holmes
Middle School the following findings were delivered by Dr. David O. White, Superintendent.

1. Math Scores are falling, to a point where one or more schools accreditation are under threat
2. Remedial classes are being enhanced for reading, writing and math

All this over a period where expenditures nearly doubled, and classroom time is spent
…..raising money for the Animal Shelter or picking up trash ?

Let’s look at where the money goes using the request this year for an additional 1.3 million
in local funding, in a county with a falling population and a decline in student enrollment

The FY 2018 Budget request by the School (asking for the 1.3 million dollar increase
in local funding is going just where you ask ?

$753, 130.00 to salaries…………..and $ 197,000 in health insurance premium increases
that they expect local taxpayers to pay for
(while we deal with our own health insurance costs)
…………. So of the 1.3 million dollars in additional money they are asking for almost One
million of it is going directly to their own pockets in pay raises and shifting their insurance
premiums to you…..John Q. & Suzy H. Taxpayer

As for the threat to “our children”…..maybe this lady should sign up for some of those
remedial math classes and focus on debt………….that’s the threat to your children.

Bob Shannon
King William T.E.A Party
(Taxed Enough Already for the unenlightened)


Country Carrier Ad - Mar 23, 2016


Counties ------------2013-14 INCREASES ------2015 AVG. SALARIES

KING WILLIAM --------------- 8.48% ----------------- $50,261
HANOVER -------------------- -0.46 ------------------ $48,444
HENRICO -------------------- -0.33 ------------------ $50,428
NEW KENT ------------------- 4.25 ------------------ $46,415
CAROLINE ------------------- -5.37 ------------------ $48,527
KING & QUEEN ------------- 0.31 ------------------ $47,820


2009/10------2233 Students ....... 2015/16------2246 Students



The Economic Backdrop ---- Data & Statistics

Informational Chart

Still Cannot Find
Anything To Cut
in The School Budget?

Cited is What
We have Found Over the
Last 3-5 Years.
Data That We Will

To Read more - Click the Link

Economic Backdrop

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A Must Read !!

On Jan 11, 2015

The Richmond Times-Dispatch obtained local,
state and government employees’ names,
job titles and salaries using the state’s
Freedom of Information statute. As
required by law, the governments and school
systems provided information for more than
42,000 employees.

The FOI request for the fiscal year that
began July 1, 2013, and ended June 31, 2014,
is part of The Times-Dispatch’s
ongoing effort to report to you findings about
government spending and the use of taxpayer
The newspaper used the data
to create this searchable database.

The Times-Dispatch removed part-time workers
and those reported as less than $10,000 a year
before calculating the median salary of $44,056.
The names of employees who fall below that median
are not included in the online database.

To Read the Times Dispatch article and Information:
(This will put you on the last page of the King William
county information. Click on "Search Again" to view other
local county salaries)

Click on Our Link


or go to:

Click on Our Link to start a new search

New Search

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Want some Local News?

An Article posted on Feb 23 by Sarah Fearing of the Tidewater Review

gave particulars Like:

"The proposed school budget will accommodate additional positions and salary
raises due to an increase of $630,000 in state funds."

"While operating costs are expected to remain level,
school officials said schools are expected to pay a smaller debt service in the upcoming fiscal year."

Please look very closely for any mention of cost cutting and program closings.

Click on Our Link to read the Article

Local Tidewater Review Article

or go to:



Some additional interesting information Brought to you by

"Virginia Department of Education"
on Webpage - Education Workforce Data & Reports

"2014-2015 Teacher Salary Survey Results"

Click on Our Link

Teacher Salary Survey

or go to:



Data for Total Instructional Positions and Average Annual Salaries
Principals and Assistant Principals, Teachers, Instructional Positions
and Teacher Aides - Fiscal year 2014

Click on Our Link

Fiscal Year 2014

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Want to view all the reports this site has to offer?

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All Reports

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